How to Tell if You Have a Bug or Pest Infestation in Edinboro, PA; Smelling Odor or Seeing Active Pests & Droppings

There are lots of homes that might end up with pests and the best thing you can do is to call out a professional pest control company to offer a treatment. Houses are a space that many pests like to go to have a meal and use to make a nest. Just as comfortable it is for a person the same goes for pests as well. There are many pests you want to be careful of and if they get in the house they can start to become an infestation. There is a big difference between having a pest problem and having an actual infestation. The infestation is an issue that means that a small problem was left untreated. The infestation is not something to be taken lightly and can cause damage and health issues for your family. It is a good idea to know what signs you can look for to know that you have an actual infestation. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what signs you can look for to determine you have a pest infestation.

Bugs & Pests Give Off Odor

One of the things you know when you walk in the door of your house is if there is an odor that is not normal. It usually means that your trash needs to be taken out or your fridge has stopped working. It can also be a problem with pests that have turned into an infestation. The infestation means that there are lots of pests of one kind that have started to invade your home. The infestation of really any kind from mice to cockroaches to bed bugs to termites can leave an odor that you can start to smell. The odor can be musty or it can even be a sour smell as well. You want to make sure that if you start to smell an odor that is out of the norm you call to have your home treated by a pest control company.

Identification of Insect, Spider & Pest Droppings

Another sign you also might start to see is that there are pest droppings in areas of the house. If you have an issue with pests that is minor, pest droppings may not be obvious. They tend to stay hidden and out of your way and that means you should not be seeing their droppings as well. The droppings can be piles of pellets that are left or it can be dark staining in the corners of rooms that pests tend to hide. These corners can look stained with brown or black stains that are actually feces that are on the walls and the floors. If you start to see droppings you want to have your home treated right away.

Seeing Active Pests in House

The other way you can tell there is an infestation is when you start to see pests active in the day and in the space that you are. Most pests are wanting to stay out of the active areas and times. If you start to see them in the house you should be concerned you have an infestation. It means they do not have a place to hide because it is overrun.

Pest Inspection & Treatment

Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your house to ensure that you do not have a pest infestation. Call us today!