How Do Bugs Get in the House in Meadville, PA? Pests Carried Inside, Pest Entry Cracks Need Sealing & More

In Greater Pittsburgh homes and businesses, all kinds of pests are unwelcome. Though most pests will either cause damage to your home or business’s structure and/or property or be a health threat, at the very least, they are usually frightening and startling to see. Most people wonder how they got inside in the first place when these invaders show up in your home or business in any situation. There are a few common reasons that bring the pest indoors, and we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to share them today.

Pests Carried Inside

By you or your pet, the scenarios are endless as to how the pests are carried indoors. A classic example as to bringing pests home with you are the bed bugs. Other instances are ticks and fleas being brough it on the back of your pet or roaches and other insects can be brought in through cardboard packages. Be sure to inspect you and your pet before coming inside, especially if it was after outdoor activities such as a hike, to help reduce bringing in the hitch hikers. After traveling, look through your luggage and inspect any 2nd hand items you attained before bringing it inside.

Food Attracts Bugs & Pests

Being desperate when food and/or water is scarce, many pests will come inside. Pests will be more than happy to eat the food left on dishes that are piled in the sink, crumbs left on the floor on the countertop, and any unsealed food in addition to being attracted to garbage and food left out. Pests will likely stay in your home or business indefinitely should food, water, and necessary climate conditions be met. Be certain to practice tentative housekeeping, keep food, both pet food to avoid unwelcome roommates, as well as keeping food, both pet food and your own, sealed in airtight storage containers, and ensure the trash bins, both indoors and outdoors, are washed out once a month with warm soapy water and have secure lids closed when not in use.

Home Sealing for Pest Control

Pests are opportunists and when any situation is convenient, they take advantage in general. Any pest looking to escape extreme weather, predators, on the hunt for food and water, or simply in their path are welcomed inside when they come to an open doors and windows, vents, cracks, holes and gaps. Within the vegetation or in clutter are a natural habitat for many pests. They can and will easily wonder inside when the trees, bushes, and grass encroach on the home. Annoying pests from wondering inside are invited in when stacks of firewood tucked next to the home, landscape waste rotting next to the structure. Manage the clutter and toss the trash, store the firewood 20 feet or more from the home to eliminate this method. From the house, ensure Be to keep the trees, bushes, and grass trimmed back away.

Pest Management

These are just prime examples of pest invasions, and though many situations can be avoided, there are some unavoidable scenarios. You can prevent infestations with professional maintenance, however. Professionals are also readily available to eliminate any infestation you may be experiencing. For all of your pest management needs, call Stewart Termite & Pest Control today.