How to Keep Common Bugs, Roaches & Pests Out of College Dorm Rooms in Pittsburgh, PA

Summer time is a time to relax and vacation for most people. There is one group of people that are busy in the summer prepping for the next chapter in their life. It is the group that has recently graduated from high school and college is in the near future. The work that goes into the first semester of college seems to be endless. There is shopping for home goods, registering for classes and giving last minute tips on living an adult life. Much of what a child enjoys in their parents’ home they take for granted. This will be a shock to them as they step out on their own for many kids the first time. It can feel overwhelming trying to cram what you want them to know but you should not overlook the problems that can come with a pest infestation. This can happen and often does when kids are sent off to college. Mostly because of things they do to inadvertently attract pests.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Tips for College Students to Keep Pests Out Of Their Dorm

Do Your Laundry to Help Prevent Bugs: This is a part of college that is shown and depicted in movies. Kids go off to college and only come home so their mom can do a large bag full of dirty clothes. This is a terrible idea and can easily be what leads to a pest infestation. You want to talk to your child about what they need to do with their dirty laundry. The dampness and dirt on the clothes that are heaped in the corner of the room can be a perfect living space for many types of pests. It can lead to cockroaches, ants, silverfish and much more. You want to go over a laundry schedule with your child and be sure they understand why they need to keep up on laundry. A good easy to follow schedule is a great way to keep this living space picked up.
Crumbs Attract Pests: When kids go off to college they are on their own. They are also normally living in a room that is quite small and need to cram all their everyday living into it. That means studying which often leads to snacking! When they snack in their room for a late night study session they might feel too worn out to clean up. This will for sure be what invites pests into the room. They need to be diligent in cleaning up the room after they eat anything and before they go off to bed. Many pests are out at night and while they sleep the pests will make their way in.
Pest Control Dorm Sealing: Lastly you child may have seen you open up the windows to air out the house. The only reason you would choose to do that is if you have a screen on the window. If the window at the dorm is not screened the kid needs to know that they should keep it closed. The opening is a great way for pests to get in the dorm room and start to infest the home.

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