Can Humans Get Sick from Flea Bites? Flea Borne Infections & Diseases in Erie, PA

When you hear about fleas you most likely think about your pet. It seems that there is a common myth that fleas infest dogs and cats and that is it. The problem is that fleas are a common pest that not only cause trouble for your four legged friends but your family too! The fleas will often catch a ride in your home on the fur of your dog and cat and can get on your furniture, carpet and family members. They can start to infest your home which is a real nuisance but that is not all. Fleas have been known to carry disease and illness that can be spread to you and your family. You need to know what they can carry and what you can do to keep them out.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Diseases that Fleas Can Carry & Transmit

Tapeworms: One of the problems that can occur when you allow fleas in your house is the possibility you contract tapeworms. They are a parasite that can get in your system causing problems for your health. Some people think that tapeworms come from your dog but that is not true. The way that you come in contact with them is the fleas that are infected with the tapeworm. You cant get it from a simple touch, you actually have to ingest one of the fleas. That is why it is not a common problem and the times that it has been found in humans are mostly children. That is because children put things in their mouth more readily than an adult would. The parasite has to be treated with a medical professional.
Murine Typhus: Another disease that you can get from an infected flea is called Murine Typhus. The majority of fleas with this infection were found on rats and mice but they also have been on cats as well. The disease will cause medical problems for the person that has contracted it with nausea, fever, headache and over about a weeks time you will start to see a rash around the mid-section of your body. You can be infected if you are bitten by a flea. The flea will often times defecate when they bite which gets in the bite wound. The infection can set in and will need to be treated by a medical professional. The treatment can start with antibiotics but in more serious cases the treatment may include hospitalization.

How to Prevent Fleas in Your House

The first step you can take to try and keep fleas out of your house is to have your pets treated. They are a common way that fleas catch a ride and can greatly reduce the number of fleas that make it inside. You can also use a pest control service that specializes in treating these types of pests. We offer regular treatments to keep fleas and other pests out of your house.

Flea Control

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