How Does Temperature Affect Insects & Pests that Come Out in Fall etc in New Castle, PA?

You will notice a change in patterns when it comes to people and weather. The weather determines the changes that we make in our lives in many ways. When the weather is hot and the summer is here people tend to be more active outdoors and keep their clothes to a minimum to tray and cool off. The colder weather brings out boots and sweaters and people rushing from their car to the house to stay out of the frigid air. The change that we all go through may mimic another community that we live around as well. The change in the temperature will also affect pests and how they live and how they infest your home. It is a great idea to know what you can expect when the weather changes when it comes to pests.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Outlines How Weather & Moisture Affects Pests

Where Do Pests Go During Winter?: The weather changes along with the seasons. There are days that are freezing cold while others are warm and full of sun. It is a great idea to know how these weather patterns change what the pests are doing around your home. Winter is the time of year that we run inside to escape the cold and so are many pests. Rodents seem to be the most active when the weather is cold while they are trying to get in your house. At the top of the cold weather you will end up finding lots of pests that are trying to hide from the cold and the best place is your house. Be ready to tackle a pest problem when the weather is cold.
Insects that Come Out in Spring: The spring is always a welcome season especially after a long cold winter. The spring brings people outdoors a bit more and the flowers, plants and trees are in full bloom. This is also the time of year that all the pests that went into hibernation are back at it. The adults will start to mate and the eggs and new babies will start to emerge. The pests that are swarming around your house are more active in this time of year such as bees, wasps, termites and much more.
Pests in Summer: Now that the summer is here the warmth and humidity is in full effect the pests are running the show. The hot air and the moisture is the perfect time for pests such as cockroaches to thrive. This is why they are usually found in your home and making their nests around your yard. You want to keep up on your pest control services so that they are not able to cause a huge infestation.
Insects & Pests that Come Out in the Fall: The fall season is where we get to enjoy the cooler temperatures and allows you to get out all your warm clothes. You might think this is the time of year that you can relax your guard on pest control but you can’t. Pests are starting to panic knowing that the cold weather is coming. They will be out scavenging for food and a place to start to hibernate or nest. You want to be sure that you are on top of your pest control services throughout the entire year.

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