Fast Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a common pest that infests many homes and businesses. While cockroaches may be reviled when they infest a building, they are also interesting insects. Here are some fast facts about cockroaches.


Cockroaches are survivors. You’ve probably heard the joke that cockroaches would survive the apocalypse, and it turns out that these insects are quite possibly nearly that resilient. Scientists believe that these insects have been around for about 270 million years. In fact, cockroaches were roaming the Earth at the same time as dinosaurs, but have managed to survive for all these years even when the dinos did not.


Cockroaches have been able to survive conditions that have forced other species to become extinct in part because they do not die easily. These cold-blooded insects can survive starvation for an entire month, and can survive water drought for an entire week before dying.

Cockroaches can also hold their breath for about 40 minutes, and they will hold their breath periodically to control the rate of water loss, as well, which helps them to survive during times where they don’t have convenient access to water.

Perhaps most surprising, the cockroach can also survive without its head for an entire week! These insects are able to do this because they have an open circulatory system and do not need a head for respiration.


Cockroaches are mobile insects. At just one-day old, a baby cockroach is able to run as fast as an adult cockroach. Cockroaches not only start life ready to run, but are also able to travel incredible distances rapidly. In fact, a cockroach is capable of traveling three miles in one hour, which is about as fast as most humans can walk.

Fun Facts

Many people think that cockroaches are all the same, but in actuality there are about 4,600 different species of cockroaches found throughout the world.

Cockroaches like more than just water. They also have an affinity for alcoholic beverages.


Don’t let cockroaches get you down. Just because they seem capable of surviving almost anything doesn’t mean they have to survive in your home. We have extensive experience with clearing homes and businesses of these fascinating, yet uninvited, pests.

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