Dealing with the Pests of Fall

Rodents and bugs can be a nuisance any time of year, whether you live in the city or the country. With fall officially here, and as the temperatures drop, you may notice an uptick in the number of mice and insects trying to move indoors. Prevention is key, but if you are already facing an infestation, it’s best to call the experts. Here are some of the most common pests who migrate indoors each fall.


43171879 - rat eat food from the floor. (bw)
43171879 – rat eat food from the floor. (bw)


Rodents in particular love to live near humans because our trash is their treasure. If you see a mouse or rat, chances are that many more are living just out of sight. Rodents carry disease, leave droppings and can bring with them a host of other problems if they invade your home. If you spot one, a few mouse traps aren’t always enough, which is why you should call the experts at Stewart Termite and Pest Control as soon as possible. Our professionals can eliminate the infestation and make it difficult for the problem to return be checking potential access points around your home and foundation where these animals may have gotten in. Keeping your home free of garbage and uncovered food can help cut off their food supply, as well, giving you both safety and peace of mind.


Roaches are the most common indoor pest. Like rodents, if you see one, there’s a good chance that there are many more, so it’s best to call an exterminator as quickly as possible. As with mice and rats, clearing out any trash or covering and sealing up food containers and storage areas can help deter pests from moving in. Ladybugs, stinkbugs and box elder bugs love to try and find homes inside during the winter months, and while they’re relatively harmless to humans, their droppings can leave stains on all of your belongings – not to mention give you the heebie-jeebies as you see them popping up throughout your home!

Yellow Jacket Hornets

Additionally, yellow jackets have spent the summer repopulating and will be searching for a place to hunker down for the winter. Living with these stinging pests can literally be a pain, so if you see any sign of these pests moving in to your home, give us a call to show them the door.

No one wants to spend the winter bunking with bugs, but there’s no need to live with unwanted houseguests. The experts at Stewart Termite and Pest Control are here to help you keep your home pest free throughout the winter and any other season. To learn more, give us a call today at 800-953-3464 to request your free estimate.