Can Bed Bugs Survive Cold Winter Weather in Youngstown, PA? How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Pests

Everyone can feel the cooler weather, and most notice the decrease in pest activity. Some pests, however, remain active all year long. Bed bugs remain active as long as there is a food source, unlike some other mammals who hibernate in the winter. Being that most bed bugs are found indoors, bed bugs kept warm in the heated environment, particularly in well-insulated furniture. In a nutshell, bed bugs do continue their active in winter and today, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to elaborate further.

What Cold Temperature Kills Bed Bugs?

In short-term exposure to temperatures as low as -25ºC the researchers of The University of Minnesota that bed bugs can survive through their studies. They need to be expose to -16ºC for 80 hours in order to eliminate their bugs and viable eggs through freezing methods.

Can Bed Bugs Survive Winter?

Ultimately, freezing out bed bugs isn’t a practical solution in most cases, especially since your mattress or couch can’t be tossed into the deep freezer. You can expect bed bugs to be a problem all year long, though bed bugs may be more active in warmer summer months as they search for food. Since homeowners prefer to keep homes warm and comfortable, the bed bugs are not impacted by cooler outdoor temperatures.

Bed Bugs Prevention

Unfortunately, bed bugs have made the trek from state to state and continent to continent, with all of the traveling we do these days. It is a good habit to wash your clothes after returning from traveling and to check your luggage before and after each trip in order to be sure you do not pick up any stow-away, particularly if it’s fabric. Be sure to take the time to inspect it thoroughly before any second hand furniture including anything from antiques, estate sales, and those bargains at the secondhand shop, is brought inside. Check it all carefully and ensure they are not infested where you do not have to avoid these purchases. Being no bigger than that of an apple seed, be detailed in your inspection as bed bugs are exceptionally small. Their presence can be indicated by the tiny reddish-rust colored dots made from a tip of marker that are bed bug’s droppings.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a timely and costly process should you find an infestation inside your home. When you have bed bugs that need to be eliminated, as it is a very challenging job without the tools or expertise, so be sure to hire a professional that specializes in bed bug control when you have bed bugs that need to be eliminated. To find the areas the bed bugs are inhabiting, professionals will first conduct bed bug investigations to confirm a bed bug infestation. The next step is to eliminate the bugs and their eggs once an infestation has been confirmed. To make certain the bed bug infestation does not return ongoing treatments are essentials. If you suspect bed bugs in your Pittsburgh home, call Stewart Termite & Pest Control and let our professionals take care of the bed bug issues.