Ant Infestation Myths & How to Really Get Rid of Ants in Your Hermitage, PA Kitchen & Home

Pest control companies report that 80% of homeowners report having problems with ants. So, chances are pretty good that you’ll find yourself dealing with them at some point. If you find yourself dealing with them, the internet is full of ideas that claim to remedy the situation quickly. Can you trust what you read on the internet? Stewart Termite & Pest Control busts some common myths about ants to help set the record straight.

Myths Surrounding Ant Infestation Control

1. Vinegar will turn ants away. Vinegar will throw ant off the scent for the time being, but the pheromone trails they lay down are strong and they’ll be back.
2. Boiling water will eliminate ants. The boiling hot water you spill over the ants will kill the ones that are in the open. It will do little by the time it reaches the queen and the rest of the colony.
3. Cinnamon is an effective way to keep ants away. Cinnamon is an effective ingredient in baking but will not kill ants like the internet claims.
4. Lemon will prevent ants from entering your home. The smell of lemon will put ants off in the short term, but they will come back or find another way to get in.
5. Oatmeal explodes in an ant’s stomach. Your favorite breakfast will not kill ants. It will just take them longer to get those grains back to the colony.
6. Chalk will stop an ant crossing. The internet will have you thinking that a line of chalk will have ants turning around. It may, but they’ll find another way in.
7. Club soda will kill fire ants. You can kill some ants with club soda, but colonies go deep, and it’s just not enough to destroy an entire colony.

How to Prevent & Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen, Bedroom & More

A colony of ants can be made up of thousands upon thousands of individual ants under the leadership of one queen. The most effective way to eliminate an ant problem is to find the queen. This can be difficult because the nest might be far away and difficult to get to. The queen does an excellent job at remaining cloistered in her nest as she continuously lays eggs. Keep your home clean and sanitized is a great way to keep any pests away. Ants get into your home through the tiniest openings, so seal all cracks and crevices and gaps around windows, doors, pipes, sockets and any other openings. You can also spray an insecticide near these openings.

Ant Control

Ants are social pests that are virtually everywhere. It can be extremely frustrating to think you’ve eliminated a problem, just to have them show up again! Luckily, there are steps you can take to deal with them on your own, but if you need professional help, give Stewart Termite & Pest Control a call.