Black Pepper & Other Ways to Keep Ants Away Outside & from Coming in Your Pittsburgh, PA House

Ants are a pest that seem to be able to pop up out of thin air. They are a pest that in the winter months usually stay under the ground where they are kept warm. There are times in the winter that the ants will come up and out in the light again. This can be for them to look for food or to get some of the air from an uncommonly warm day. There are times that the sun will come out and warm up the ground around an anthill causing them to think it is time to come out. If they come out they will go straight to looking for food and that is how they can get in your house. Once they are in it seems that there is an endless supply that never seems to stop. There are some things that you can do at your house to try and keep them away.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists How to Get Rid of Ants & Keep them Away

Do Ants Like Black Pepper?: When you think about it the thing that the ants are after happen to be food. But if you go into your pantry you can find things that ants want to avoid at all costs. The ants that you find in your house can be from many species but most of them have a disdain for the same smells. You can grab your black pepper or bay leaves from the pantry and use them to keep pests out of your house. You can sprinkle some around entry points to try and create a barrier for ants. They will find a new path so it is important to be thorough if you are having trouble with ants.
Do Coffee Grounds Repel Ants?: When you wake up in the morning most people head to the kitchen to start up the coffee maker. It is something that many people need to start their day off. After you have a cup of coffee you want to make sure that you keep the grounds rather than throw them out. The coffee grounds are also a great way to keep ants out of your house. They can cause some odor as well as staining so it is important that you only use them on the outside of the house around the same entry points.
Essential Oils for Ants in House: One of the up and coming ways that people are treating symptoms and ailments is to use essential oils. These are oils that are extracted from a plant, flower or other substance that is then placed in a vile so that you can use them. The different types of oils can be used to treat all kids of disorders to make people feel better. The same oils that are treating your headaches can also be used to keep ants out. One of the best types of oils to use is peppermint which adds a nice aroma to the house as well as keeping pests such as ants out of your house.

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