Are Pavement Ants Harmful? How to Get Rid of Ant Pests in Your New Castle, PA House

If you’re dealing with little black ants, chances are you’re dealing with pavement ants. These ants are often mistaken for sugar ants or house ants, but are just a little bit different.

Pavement Ant Identification

Pavement ants are one of the most common pest insects encountered in the United States. They are small ants that measure 1/8 inch. They can be black, brown, or red-brown in color. They have six legs and a segmented body with a large posterior thorax. They also have parallel lines that run across their heads and thoraxes. Where did pavement ants come from? These ants were accidentally introduced to the United States on merchant vessels during the 1700s and 1800s. Prior to coming to America, European merchants loaded their ships with soil to weigh them down for the trip overseas. Once in America the soil was unloaded to make room for the goods to be taken back home. But when this soil was left behind, so were the ants!

Where Do Pavement Ants Live?

The name “pavement ant” comes from this species’ tendency to build nests under pavement and sidewalks that provides them with cover and concealment from predators. Nests will be created in cracked or damaged concrete. You may notice sand piles or soil particles near cracks in concrete. Nests are also created under homes or wooden floorboards. Pavement ants are most active in the summer months but will spend winters inside to stay warm. If they can create a nest indoors, they can remain active all winter.

Ant Prevention

Pavement ants are opportunistic foragers that look for food anywhere they can and carry it back to the colony. They will eat grains, grease, seeds, fruit, nectar, syrups and dead insects. All ants are attracted to sources of moisture. If you can prevent access to food and water, they won’t bother you.
• Repair plumbing leaks
• Keep food prep areas clean
• Seal and store food properly, especially sweets and pantry items
• Clean spills and crumbs promptly
• Look for openings to your home and seal them with caulk

Pest Control Services

Ants are pests that can be a problem year-round. The nightmare with an ant infestation is that you feel like it’s completely out of your control. Take steps to prevent an ant infestation and contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control if you discover one. We can eliminate any pests you’re dealing with. Give us a call today!