Why are There So Many Wasps in Fall? How to Get Rid of Stinging Insects & Avoid Painful Stings in New Castle, PA

When it comes to being stung by a pest you know that it can spread from an annoyance to some pretty serious pain. If you are not allergic to the sting itself that sting will be just an annoyance and given some time depending on the type of pest will wear off. The fall season is the time of year that most of these stinging pests are out in full force. They are also more aggressive as they are preparing nests and hives for winter and extremely protective of their Queen. This defensive behavior is made worse as local food resources are depleted, and they grow hungry. You want to be aware of your surroundings especially if you are around pools and other bodies of water. If you are aware of the pests around you there are some techniques you can use to prevent being stung but in the end it will occasionally happen. Most people have come across a stinging pest at some point and have actually been stung. You may not realize it but these stings all are at a specific level in the pain scale. The pain that people feel when being stung as well as the time that the sting lasts will be different depending on the level it exists in. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines the four levels of pain that might be felt when stung by a wasp or other stinging insect.

Level One: Mild Insect Sting Pain

If you are wondering what pain level you will be suffering from when you are stung you need to know how they each feel. You don’t have to be stung by a series of pests to find out. Lucky for you there have been plenty of people that have been stung and have reported the pain and how long it lasted. The first level of pain that you may suffer from a pest sting is level one. This will not be pain that stops you and you might not even realize it was a sting right away. The pain is mild and will last only about two minutes. One of the pests that will land you in this category is fire ants. They will sting and it will cause some pain but will usually quickly clear up.

Level Two: Medium Sting Pain

A level two sting will cause more pain obviously and usually will stop you if you are out and busy. This is the most common level sting that most people run into in the summer months. That is because the pests that are included in this group are honey bees and even a bumble bee. They are out and about most commonly in the summer and around the same watering holes that people are enjoying. If you have a sting from a bee and you are able to remove the stinger the pain will often only last about ten minutes.

Level Three & Above: Most Painful Stings

Now we are onto the level that can be quite painful and will burn when it occurs. One stinging insect found in this group is the Eastern Yellow Jacket found in Greater Pittsburg, PA. The pain is something that will last about 30 minutes which can seem like forever. Another pest that is in this category is called a harvester ant and its sting will cause some serious pain.

Stinging Pest Control

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