Why are Rats & Mice a Problem in Pittsburgh, PA? How to Keep Rodents Away from Your Home

From contamination to structural damage, there are many problems that rodents can cause in homes. As they try to push their way indoors all year long, but primarily in the fall, it is important to focus on keeping them. It is best to leave their removal to the professionals if you suspect you have a rodent infestation. Today, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to discuss the reasons why rodents are a problem in Pittsburgh and briefly share the common rodents in the area.

Health Problems & Other Negative Effects of Rodents

When they get inside your home, the number-one problem rodents are contamination. When they scurry all over your countertops, in your drawers, through your pantry, and across your floors, they have no boundaries. They leave a trail of urine and droppings wherever they go as they do so. In the form of Salmonella and other intestinal bacteria, rodent droppings can cause illness to humans. The second biggest problem they cause is food contamination and waste since rodents are almost always looking for a food source. They can gnaw on plastic containers as well as chew through food boxes and bags. It’s best to keep them out of your Pittsburgh home since there is almost nothing that can keep a rodent out of your food. Because rodents also have an innate desire to gnaw, they can chew through wires, wood, siding, or whatever they can get their teeth into. Rodents can chew their way into your home and do a lot of damage once they are inside.

What Attracts Rodents to Your House?

A warm space that has plenty of food and water is what rodents like. Your Pittsburgh house is the perfect place for them to call home. While other rodents such as rats and squirrels can climb onto your roof and chew their way in under your eaves, rodents such as mice can squeeze through spaces smaller than a nickel. Rodents are provided with access through any holes where utility wires come in, spaces under or around doors, tears in screens, pipes, or chimneys. You may be unknowingly inviting rodents to hang around, rodents are attracted to food sources so if you keep open trash, compost bins or gardens close to your home.

What Rodent Species are Common in Pittsburgh, PA?

In Pittsburgh homes, there are four types of rodents that are common, and they include house mouse, deer mouse, roof rat and Norway rat. Though similar, they each have their own behavior patterns.
Roof Rat: They behave in a similar way to house mice and roof rats get into attic spaces. Because of their large size, these rodents to go after food that is more substantial. As compared with mice, this can limit their population growth. When compared to mice, this can limit their population growth.
Norway Rat: As ground-burrowing animals, they prefer to create burrows underneath piles in your yard. Usually, only under certain circumstances when they can get inside and remain inside. Norway rodents are considered worse than roof rats because they can be aggressive.
House Mouse: Because of their love for man-made structures, house mice are the worst. They stay in, and they multiply quickly when they get in.
Deer Mouse: Deer mice in your barn, shed, or outbuildings is where they are likely found. Though they can get into home, deer mice don’t prefer to.

Rodent Control

If you suspect rodents in your Pittsburgh home, call in the professionals of Stewart Termite & Pest Control and let us assist you.