Why Are Cockroaches So Hard to Get Rid of & Kill in Pittsburgh, PA Homes & Apartments?

No one wants to flip the light on late at night just to see a cockroach scurry past. They are a pest that are known for their nasty behaviors. Especially since they carry disease and bacteria and spread it via their feet, urine and feces. They don’t have any manners when it comes to where they walk and what they walk through. That means that if they walk through your garbage and their own body fluids then right on your kitchen counters they are putting your loved ones at risk. That is often times how they spread bacteria that can easily make your family sick. Cockroaches don’t always flock to messy and dirty houses but really any home that has food or moisture that they need to survive. You may not realize that leaving your dog’s food bowl out overnight is enough to encourage cockroaches to take up shop in your home. It may seem that if you want to get rid of them you have to chase each one down. This is an option but because they tend to hide they might be more difficult to even recognize they are there. They are also a very sturdy pest that makes them quite hard to get rid of.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Several Reasons that Make Cockroaches Difficult To Kill

A Cockroach Can Live Without a Head: One of the most interesting facts about a cockroach is that they don’t actually need their head to live. A study was done to test the survival of cockroaches and they cut off the head. When you remove the head of other living creatures they are sure to die right away. A cockroach was able to not only live but continue to move around. The cockroach was able to survive until they starved to death or got dehydrated. That means that if you go smash a cockroach and only damage their head they might still wreak havoc in your home for some time.
Flushing Cockroaches Down the Toilet Doesn’t Kill Them: If you see cockroaches that are out and about around your home you may decide to grab some water. The water may be a great choice to drown out other pests but not so much when dealing with cockroaches. They are known for being able to survive being submerged in water for about 15 minutes. Dousing them with water is not a great option also for the fact that they are able to swim. They can easily swim over to the edge and away from the water freeing them to invade your home.
Cockroaches Have a High Reproduction Rate: One other problem that you may come across when dealing with cockroaches is that they tend to turn into an infestation fast. The females are often found with around 100 eggs on them. That means a few cockroaches can be a huge problem in a short amount of time. The more there are the harder they are to deal with and get rid of.

Cockroach Extermination

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