Where Do Mice Live & Nest in Your Erie, PA House or Apartment? Attic, Walls, Garages & More

When you are dealing with pests in your home it can be frustrating to figure out where they are hiding and what the best ways to treat them will be. Pests are a problem in homes all over the United States and it can be difficult to determine what pests you have even. There are often ways you can tell what pests are invading your home but the most common way is to actually see the pests. If you get to the point that you are seeing pests out in the day time, the pest infestation is likely much worse than you think. One pest that is a problem throughout the year are mice. There are several types of mice that can be found in homes but the most common are the house mouse and the field mouse. When you are dealing with mice there are some signs that you can look for such as droppings that are left in areas that they tend to hide. That means that you need to have some idea as to where they might like to hide and why.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Places Mice Like to Hide in Your House or Apartment

Mice in Attics: One of the most common places that you can find mice is in the attic. The attic is a space that is necessary to your homes construction but is not always utilized. The space is left empty in many homes but can be used for storage in others. There are some people that will build out the attic as livable space but that is not the entire area which means there are still spaces that are open. The attic is dark and quiet and is a great place to hide and nest for a family of mice. If you suspect mice in your home you can check the attic space for signs that include droppings that are left behind as well as wires and other items that are chewed through.
Mice in Walls: We are not saying that mice are just hanging on the outside of the walls staring you down. When the walls are built there is framing that is done which is made out of wood. The wood is then covered with drywall and textured then painted. That is why the space in between the wall is great for mice. They can scurry up and down looking for a place to nest as well as gaps to find food as well. The best sign that you will have if they are in the walls is you can hear them scurrying and scratching around. It is most common to hear them moving around at night when you are trying to get to sleep.
Mice in Basements & Garages: Other common places you can find mice hiding out is in the garage and the basement. These are also areas that have lots of space to hide and often are not used much by the family. That means they are quiet and that leaves them enough time to do what they need to do.

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