Where Are American Dog Ticks Found in Hermitage, PA; How to Prevent Tick Bites & More

The American Dog Tick received their name because of the frequent sightings of adult ticks feeding on domestic dogs and even cats. The American dog tick can be found all across America and in Pennsylvania. These ticks are often brought in as a passengers on our furry companions and they can eventually transfer to humans. American dog ticks are known to carry diseases that harm both humans and pets. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will share more about the American dog tick and some basic prevention methods.

American Dog Tick Identification

American dog ticks are a reddish-brown color with white or gray markings. They have flat oval shaped bodies that range from 3/16 of an inch and can get as big as 5/8 of an inch after feeding. Both nymphs and adults have eight legs, while the larva have only six legs and no antenna.

Where Are American Dog Ticks Found?

The American dog tick inhabits grassy areas with low vegetation where mammals are prone to pass through. This makes it easier for the ticks to find a host. Luckily, American dog ticks don’t thrive well indoors once they are brought inside. American dog ticks use scent to detect mammals and the common trails they use. This is why they are easily found on roads and trails. The preferred host of the American dog tick is domestic dogs, but they have also been found on cats and other mammals. When a tick climbs onto your pet, the pet can potentially bring ticks into your home. In the absence of canines or other mammals, American dog ticks will target humans. In many cases, babies and the elderly have become victims of ticks and suffer from various illnesses because of them. American dog ticks are known to carry the Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Tularemia which is a rare bacterial infection.

How to Avoid & Prevent Tick Bites

To help prevent becoming a victim of the American Dog Tick, when going outdoors it is recommended you wear long sleeves and pants and even tuck your pants into your socks to keep ticks from crawling inside. Another helpful tip is to wear lighter colors to help make ticks stand out if they climb aboard. Use tick repellent on your exposed skin and even your clothing. When you return home remove your clothing and inspect them for ticks. Wash them to kill any hitchhikers.

How to Remove a Tick with Tweezers

If ticks are discovered on you or in you, you will want to remove them carefully. To remove ticks either from people or pets, use a fine tipped pair of tweezers. Grip the tick as close to the surface of the skin as possible. With even and steady pressure, pull upwards. Avoid jerking or twisting as this can cause the head of the tick to get trapped underneath the skin. Once the tick has been removed, wash it down the sick or flush it down the toilet. Cleanse the bite with soapy water.

Yard Treatment & Tick Pest Control

There are a number of ways Stewart Termite & Pest Control can help control and manage ticks around your home. To keep your family and pets safe from ticks as well as other pests, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control today.