What Spiders are Found in Youngstown, PA & How to Keep Spider Pests Away from Your Home

If you live in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area and are worried about eight legged spiders, then you need our services! We offer pest control that covers any and all spiders that you can and will find all over your home and have decided to spotlight some of these spider species below.

Wolf Spiders

Pennsylvania is home to two of the biggest species of wolf spiders that are known as H. carolinensis and H. aspersa. These spiders are usually recognized by their furry look. They are usually grey or brown and have shorter thick legs. The mother will carry her babies around on her back until they are ready to go off on their own so if you see one of these you probably have many more. They have wonderful eye sight and will run after their prey.

Jumping Spiders

There are a few species of jumping spiders lurking around the great state of Pennsylvania such as the long-bodied cellar spider, zebra jumper, emerald jumper, bold jumper, and bronze jumper. They are usually grey and black with white patterns on their stomachs. They are often seen on the side of a building and wall and they are always looking out for a meal. They are called a jumping spider because they launch from their spot on the wall and go after a meal or a better spot to hang out.

Crab Spiders

A crab spider is identified by the way they walk and the look of their legs. Their legs are off to the sides of the body and the front legs are longer than the back legs which make it look more like a little crab walking around. They are one of the spiders that don’t spin a web and wait for a meal to come by like a bee or a fly. They are most likely found around your home and property.

Garden Spider

You might come across a garden spider that are more likely known as a black and yellow garden spider. This is one of the largest spiders that you will find in the local area. They spin a web each day to make sure that it has enough stickiness to keep their prey in the web. The webs are beautiful to look at but when the spiders are too close to home most people would rather have them gone.

Black Widow & False Black Widows

Black widows are native to Pennsylvania and generally found outdoors and the False Black Widow Spider is commonly found along the East Coast States including Pennsylvania. A false black widow is actually a part of the same family as the venomous black widow spider, but it is not dangerous. The false black widow looks just like the black widow with one small detail changed. The identifiable red hourglass shape is nonexistent on the false black widow but who wants to get close enough to be sure? If you spot a spider you suspect is venomous, call Stewart Termite & Pest Control right away!

Spider Control

If you are having trouble with any kind of spider or other pest in your home or business, give us a call today and make an appointment for a thorough pest inspection and custom treatment plan!