What Indicates a Rodent Problem in New Castle, PA? Rat or Mice Droppings, Nests & More

Stewart Termite & Pest Control takes advantage of exclusive professional grade products and equipment, and continues with ongoing education and training to apply newly developed techniques to our premium pest control services. Included in our pest control menu is rodent control.

Why are Rodents Dangerous & A Problem

Rodents are commonly found across greater Pittsburgh, PA in homes and business. Mice and rats are the most common as they are more inclined to live in close proximity to humans for convenience, food, water and warm shelter. With rodents intruding in our homes and businesses, destruction ensues and the potential of health risk increases greatly. The destruction of rodents is vast, with no real limitations. Often making their way into your home or business during extreme weather to find shelter, they will easily intrude any time of year if food and water is scarce. Chewing, gnawing and scratching their way through walls, electrical wires and service pipes, they know no bounds. Carrying diseases, they contaminate surfaces and unsecure food with their insidious ways.

Signs of Mice & Rats

Following is a list of tell-tale signs you have a rodent problem on your property.
– Droppings. Rodents are not shy where they relieve themselves. More commonly found in places where they are foraging food such as; kitchen cabinets, pantries, cupboards, drawers, bins, and other places you store your food. It can also be found along their paths or nesting areas; walls, beams, furniture, and in old boxes or bags.
– Squeaking sounds. Rodents are not polite squatters, they can be heard squeaking in the walls, along with scampering, and rustling sounds of their daily activities.
– Nibble markings on food containers or food. Their nibbling is pretty obvious, and often accompanied by their droppings.
– Nests. You might find yourself stumbling onto their nests. Rodents construct their nests out of warm and fuzzy materials. Fabric, furniture stuffing, quilt batting, shredded paper, grass and twigs. Rodents typically chose discrete locations for their nests like; boxes, cabinets, closets, walls, dressers, behind or inside appliances, electronic equipment, and machinery.
– Pet intrigue. If you own a cat, or even a dog, they often get excited over the noises and when they spot the rodents comings and goings.

Rodent Inspections, Control & Exclusion

People often associate a rodent infestation with filthy and unkempt buildings. This is not necessarily correct, as the most pristine and meticulously cleaned home or business can find rodents within. As previously mentioned, they seek a warm shelter, food and water, and if they can easily slip into your home or business, they will. But with Stewart Termite & Pest Control coming to the aid of commercial businesses and residential homes of Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylavania, rodents are simple to deal with when our experienced technicians perform rodent control services. We are committed in giving our customers top quality results. Call us today if you believe your home or business is infested with rodents!