What Attracts Rats to Your Youngstown, PA House? Dog Urine, Home Entry Points & More

The weather will change from quite warm out to a freeze in the winter. The change in the seasons also brings out a change to every living thing. There are some that love the warm weather while others can’t wait for the big cool down. When it comes to the cold weather there are lots of pests that don’t want to be out in the cold and they will do what they can to get inside. They know that if they are unable to get in the house or other structure they may not survive. You want to be sure that you are aware of what is trying to get in your house. One of the pests that are going to gain access to houses and businesses are rodents. They need to find a place to nest until the weather starts to warm back up. They are found all over whether you are in a city or out in the country. You want to be sure that you are not doing anything to attract rodents to your house. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what you might be doing to invite rodents to your house.

Does Dog Food, Urine & Poop Attract Rats

You might be wondering what having a pet has to do with rodents but they actually are a big attraction. The pets that you have whether you have a dog or a cat has to be cared for. This is why most people will get up in the morning and feed their beloved pet and leave the food out for the day. Most dogs and other pets do not eat all the food that you leave out and that means there are crumbs all the way to full pieces of food left. The food in the bowl is a huge attraction to rodents that are looking for a free meal. They want access to food and you leaving a bowl out is too good to be true. They can come in at night when you head to bed and fill up enough for them and their young when they start to bread.

Need to Seal Rat Entry Points to Your House

The other thing that rodents are looking for is access to a place that it out of the cold weather. You r house is a great place for them to start to live and prepare for the breading season. The only way they know that the house is the place to go is they can feel the warmth leaking out. If they can feel the warmth that means there is a gap or hole in the house that is letting the air out. That is the entrance that the rodent is sure to use. If they can find an access point they will use it.

Rat & Mouse Rodent Control

Lastly you want to make sure that you keep up on your pest control services. There is not a season that you can take a break from and the winter is just as important as the rest of the year. When you have your home treated year round they can inspect and catch a rodent infestation early and make sure that it is treated. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to make sure that your home is treated for rodents and more. Call us today!