What Attracts German Cockroaches the Most & How to Get Rid of Roach Pests in Youngstown, PA

Cockroaches are all too common of a pest that will invade your home all year long. You can find them outside in your yard and inside your home. Many species of cockroaches are known to harbor diseases and be unsanitary guests. One common species is the German cockroach which can be found all throughout America. This hardy pests can easily be found in your home and once they invade, they can be difficult to control. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will share how to identify and control German cockroaches and keep them out of your home.

What Attracts Roaches the Most

As stated, German cockroaches are found worldwide and therefore, throughout the state of Pennsylvania. They are a year around pest but will aggressively invade homes during the cold season. They love to feed on decaying plant matter. However, they will eat anything and everything. They can feed on soaps, glues, toothpaste and even paper. They like to hide in boxes and are often brought into a home unknowingly. German cockroaches do not like the cold and will invade home in search for warmer dwellings. You will most often find them in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms where it is warm and humid. They are also found crawling throughout air duct systems.

German Cockroaches Infestation

German cockroaches are considered a threat as they are well known to impact those with asthma and those with allergies. However, they also can carry a number of disease, parasites and pathogens that humans are susceptible to. They contaminate any surface they walk on and food they come in contact with. Additionally, German cockroaches can reproduce quickly, infesting a home in a short period of time.

How to Prevent German Roaches

Controlling German cockroaches as well as other local species of cockroaches is vital for a healthy and safe living environment. It is best to work toward keep cockroaches out completely. This is easier said than done. You will want to begin sealing your home from the outside. Make sure windows and doors are secure. Cockroaches can flatten out and squeeze through tight spaces. Seal gaps and cracks in the foundation and walls of your home. Cover open spaces that require ventilation with fine metal mesh wiring to help keep them out. This can include dryer and attic vents, HVAC drains, and the chimney. Additionally, cockroaches, including German cockroaches, love decaying plant sand vegetation, so make sure to keep your yard well maintained and clean. Make sure to prevent overgrowth of plants since they can use this vegetation to shelter and to hide from predators. Additionally, cockroaches need water and are drawn to damp places. To help control cockroaches make sure that you maintain all of your home plumbing. This will include outside and inside. Avoid having leaky pipes, dripping faucets, or spouts. You want to deny cockroaches water, food and shelter. After you have done all you can, make sure to have your home protected with a pesticide. Have a pest control service come and apply pesticides outside and inside your home and if needed, ask for bait or traps. For cockroaches, sticky traps work well.

Cockroach Control

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