Types of Most Venomous Spiders in Edinboro, PA; Brown Recluse, Wolf & Black Widow

There are certain pests that most people are afraid to have in their house. You of course never want to see a rodent that is scurrying around your home. They are not fun to have and they can be a real nuisance. You can even hear them running around chewing through your house while you are trying to sleep. Another pest that is an unwelcome sight in a home happens to be the eight legged freak. The spider is a major cause for concern for many people. The problem is that spiders are actually great to have around. They are unlikely to bite and they can help to work on pest control. They often will set up their web and collect other pests that might be passing by. Although they don’t bite often they still can and because of that the fear is there. There are only a few spiders that have enough venom that it is a concern if they bite you.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Spotlights Venomous Spiders that Live in Our Area

Brown Recluse Spiders: One of the spiders that you want to be aware of that could be lingering in your home is a brown recluse spider. They are one of the most venomous spiders that you might come across and although it is small the bite and the type of venom can be devastating. It is a small brown spider that has some small hairs on its body. The only marking that it has to distinguish it from other brown spiders is a violin shape on their back. It is usually a lighter color such as yellow. The reason that the brown recluse spider is such a problem is that the venom that they inject through their bite will break down the skin tissue. Many times the bite has to be treated by a medical professional. The necrosis has been known to eat away at the tissue leaving a large hole. If you see a brown recluse you want to make sure that you call for professional pest control services.
Wolf Spider: There is another spider that sometimes is thought to be a brown recluse but in fact is a wolf spider. The wolf spider is a brown spider but it also can be grey. They are larger and the body is thicker with hair on the body and the legs. The legs are short and stout and they are mainly found on the ground. There are two reasons that they are a problem in your home. One is that they do have some venom and although it is not as toxic as the brown recluse it is still a problem. The other problem is that the mother will carry all her young on her back. If you go to smash one you will get a surprise of a load of babies running through your house looking for a place to hide.
Black Widow: Although the black widow is less likely to be found around your house they are still native to Pennsylvania and therefore possible to encounter. Black widow spiders also have a venom that can be damaging to your system so it is best to treat your home for pests if you find black widow spiders. They are easy to identify from their coloring that is shiny and black with the well-known red hourglass shape on their abdomen.

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