Stay Away from Bed Bugs this Summer Travel Season in Pittsburgh, PA; Signs, Prevention & More

When you are looking to start off your summer right, scheduling a vacation is the way to go. The nice change in weather is one reason people take off for some traveling. The other happens to be that during the summer months the kids are out of school and that is one less thing to worry about. Traveling is great but the odds that you will come across bed bugs increases for several reasons. The main one is because you are in areas that you cross paths with more people from all around the world. It only takes one person that has bed bugs and stays in the same room as you or sits in the same chair as you in the airport to them to pass the bed bugs on. Whether you are flying or driving you end up in a room at a hotel or motel. It is important to know what you need to look out for and how to avoid bringing bed bugs home with you.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Outline How to Keep Bed Bugs Away During Summer Travel

Bed Bugs by City & State: There are some people that have the assumptions that bed bugs are only in certain cities and certain areas. They are under the impression that bed bugs will only infest a home that is messy and dirty but that is just not true. Bed bugs are concerned about one thing and that is where they will get their next blood meal. The interesting thing is that bed bugs can get a meal anywhere near where people live. They will attach to a person and drink their blood until they are full. That is why no city is off limits for bed bugs so no matter what city you are visiting there is a chance you could come across them. They are not only after houses that are messy either. They do not discriminate against large homes that are kept clean or small houses that are a mess.
Do Bed Bugs Only Hide in Beds?: When you are traveling you might think that the only place to check for bed bugs is the bed. The problem is that they are not just going to hide away in the beds and everything else is off limits. They are okay hiding out in other fabrics as well such as couches, carpets, clothes and luggage. That means you can pick them up off a person that you sit too close to or a couch that you sit on for a rest.
Bites & Other Signs of Bed Bugs: If you are going to travel you want to make sure you take some time to inspect the space before you take any of your personal belongings in. You can look along the seams of any fabrics to see if the actual bug is hiding. You can also check the sheets and other bedding for small specks of blood that they often leave behind. If you see any sign at all you want to get out and alert the owner. Then find a place to stay that is free of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspection & Control

Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services to inspect for and treat for bed bugs. Call right away as bed bug infestations develop quickly and are extremely difficult to get rid of.