Silverfish & Earwigs are Attracted to Moisture in Erie, PA; How Does Rain Affect Ants, Mice & Other Pests in Erie, PA?

The summer months are a great time of year that people love to go out and have their vacation. They also love to take a road trip of hang out with friends and families having barbecues and swimming parties. The summer is also known for a particular time where it is usually called monsoon season. This means that most areas will get some form of rain and many areas will get a large downpour that can have an effect on the area. You want to make sure you know what happens around you when there is an abundant amount of rain. The rain has an effect on many things but one of them is the pests that you might find around and in your home. There are many pests that you need to be aware of in the summer but you need to know how they react when the rain and moisture comes. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what rain and moisture does to the pests around your house.

Ants & Mice Avoid the Rain

One of the things you will see is there are some pests that are not keen on the rain and when it comes they need to find a way to avoid it. The rain will soak the ground that they are living on and if they are not able to get a place that they can stay dry, they will not survive. One of the main pests that need to get to higher ground when it rains are ants. They live in the ground in a series of tunnels that they use to live and move around. When it rains you may start to see them come out of the ground and they could get in your house. They are in search of a place that they can wait out the rain and your house is a great place for that. The other type of pest that commonly wants to get out of the rain are mice. They often want to come to your house to get inside and out of the rain. They also like to have access to the food in your home as well.

Silverfish & Earwigs are Attracted to Moisture

There are some pests that actually like the rain and the moisture that it brings to the area. The moisture is something that they need to grow and thrive. There are mosquitoes that need to have access to standing water to lay their eggs. The water comes after a rain and are a perfect breeding ground for them. Other pests that love the moisture and you will likely see more of are silverfish and earwigs. You may see them more in abundance when there is a downpour of rain in the area.

Pest Control Services

If you know that the area is going to get rain you want to make sure that your home is well protected. You want to keep doors and windows secured so that there are not easy ways to access the house. You also want to make sure that your home is treated by a professional pest control service. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your home to ensure that pests are not getting in the house. Call us today!