Signs of Termites in Trees & Stumps in Meadville, PA & How to Get Rid of Termite Tree Infestations

Termites are notoriously known for the destruction the impose on structures. However, many people are unaware their insatiable appetite is not limited to the wood found in homes and businesses. Termites will easily infest wooden fences and even trees. Termites are natures way of removing fallen trees in wilderness so that new ones have room to grow. Though termites will infest healthy trees, they are usually drawn to dead or unhealthy trees. Today, we at Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to continue stressing the negative impact of termites found in trees.

Termites are Still Active in Fall & Winter

As mentioned, homeowners may discover that there is an infestation of termites when inspecting stumps, sickly or dead trees. To survive, termites require plant or cellulose matter (wood). Since their colonies can reach up to 250,000 members, they can quickly consume a lot of wood. Mature reproductive termites move out of the colony to begin new ones. Though termites only appear to be active in the spring and summer when the swarmers (reproductive termites) look for a new place to nest, few know termites are active all year long.

Do Termites Eat Live Trees? What are the Signs?

Termites generally prefer the soft wood that the sick or dead trees provide but will infest healthy ones if there is opportunity. At the base of the trees, termites will leave tiny holes in the wood and should you spy wood shavings, you may have an infested tree. Also finding mud shelter tubes climbing the trunk of the trees, termite carcasses, small white eggs, and even discarded wings point to termites. You can dig just below the soil line at the root of the trees and you can find the termites to confirm a termite problem.

How to Prevent Termites in Trees & Tree Stumps

In the event you have termites, you need a thorough and effective treatment solution to prevent them from coming to your home or business. Take the following actions to eliminate termites:
– You need to burn or properly discard any and all pruned limbs, removed stumps, and infected wood piles.
– Optimally, invest in professional treatment, otherwise apply the proper termite extermination products.
– Prune any infected limbs.
– Clear out any infected stumps.

Termite Inspections & Treatment

Even if you find them in your yard, your home may still be safe from termites. Be vigilant and look for any signs of their presence. To ensure they did not intrude into your home, and guarantee the termite removal is effective, call Stewart Termite and Pest Control for expert termite inspection and treatment.