Roof Rat VS Norway Rat in Meadville, PA; Rodent Identification, Burrow Habitat, Diseases & More

The two most common rats in Pittsburgh are Norway rats and Roof rats, but no matter which rat is in your home, they are a detriment to your property. These rat species can cause pricey damages to your structure, foundation, utility lines, contaminate your food supply, spread diseases, bacteria, and bring a flea infestation with them and the health risks they pose as well. Rats are simply unwanted pests and at first sign of their presence, you need to eliminate them. Stewart Termite and Pest Control would like to relate the distinctions between Roof Rats and Norway Rats.

Norway Rat Identification

These rats, if given the opportunity, will invade your home without hesitation. Norway rats have many other references, such as sewer rat for example. Most experts surmise they originated from parts of Asia and these rats are now found around the world. With Norway rats, you will notice the tails are shorter and the eyes are smaller in comparison to other species. Their coarse fur is lighter shades of gray and white on their undersides, but Norway rats are primarily variations of brown with scattered black hairs.

Where Are Norway Rats Found?

If the need for food, water, or better conditions arise, Norway rats can be seen throughout the day though they typically are a nocturnal pest. Because food becomes scarce and temperatures drop, Norway rats have a tendency to infiltrate homes more during the fall, but they will invade any time of year. As a social pest that burrow closely to one another, when you see one rat, there are likely more. Not only opportunists, these rats are destructive, being noted capable of gnawing through a plastic or even a lead pipe to get to the water. These rats, like most others, are adaptable but frequently inhabit fields and farmlands, and any type of structure that can offer shelter. Riverbanks, under garbage and wood piles along with under slabs and other places with loose soil tend to be where these rats. Norway rats tend to prefer the basements, in undisturbed areas such as under clutter once they manage to slink into your home.

Norway Rat Diseases

Plague, jaundice, cowpox virus, trichinosis, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever along with fleas and trouble they bring, Norway rats are a health hazard for the diseases they spread. These rats will destroy your home, stuff, and ruin your food supply.

Roof Rats

Like Norway rats, roof rats are found around the world. Believed to have originated Southeast Asia, particularly in the tropical regions, these rats are also referred to as black rats or ship rats. These rats are smaller, and they also have larger eyes and ears and feature a long, thin, scaly tail. Like Norway rats, the underside is lighter shades of white and gray, but can also be black and their fur is intermixed of black and brown. Their specialty is their incredible ability to climb and they favor heights. They will take advantage in any opening along your roof and quickly infest your home. Like Norway rats, they destroy and contaminate your home.

Rodent Control

Call Stewart Termite and Pest Control today to deal with your rodent problem no matter which rat or other pest is invading your home, we can eliminate them!