Pest Control FAQ in Meadville, PA; Is DIY as Effective as Professional, Why Does My Home Attract Pests & More

Pest control, professional or the do it yourself method often has many questions associated with it. Pests can come in many shapes and sizes. They often intimidate people, cause structural and personal property damage, and many can pose a health risk. No matter their circumstances, contending with an infestation or just a random pest here and there, dealing with them can be a challenge. Today, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to offer some answers to the frequently asked questions concerning basic pest control.

Pest Control Questions & Answers

Q: Is DIY pest control as effective as professional pest control?
A: The pest control products available for nonprofessionals are diluted formulas. In many instances, they can appear effective by killing off some of the pest perpetrators that have entered your home or business. But for the long term effect, they are not effective. Professionals have the experience and training, along with professional graded products that can assure the pest control infestation is exterminated and with routine maintenance, keeps infestations from reoccurring.
Q: Why should I invest in a professional maintenance program?
A: As previously mentioned, professionals have the expertise and access to state of the art equipment and products to properly, effectively, and safely perform pest control maintenance. For example, if you seem to have a chronic ant problem, the situation could be far more involved than you suppose. With the assistance of a trained professionals, your customized pest control needs can be performed to keep infestations at bay. With the affordable costs, professional care is often more cost effective than DYI methods for a number of reasons.
Q: Are professional products safe around my pets and children?
A: Professional pest control chemicals must be EPA approved and all technicians are properly trained for handling and application of all pest control materials. With Pest Control Technicians, Inc our methods are safe around pets, people, and the environment but effective on pests.
Q: Is it necessary for me and my family to leave the home during pest control application?
A: Typically speaking, it is not necessary for you to leave your home. In some instances and in unique situations, there may be an infestation of specific pests that might require the home or business to be void of people and pets, but those circumstances will communicated with homeowner or business owner.
Q: How quickly does a pest infestation dwindle?
A: Depending on the pests that are infesting your home or business and the quantity of such an infestation are contributing factors; however, you can start seeing the pests gradually dwindle within a 2 week period.
Q: Are pest control maintenance plans beneficial?
A: Preventative maintenance plans minimize the pests that can easily infiltrate your home, and prevent future outbreaks.
Q: Why are pests coming in my home?
A: Pests are coming into your home in search of food, water, security, and favorable environment conditions.
Q: Termites and ants look so similar, how can I make the distinction?
A: Ants have elbowed antennas, a pinched waist, and 4 wings; the front 2 are longer than the rear 2 and appear to have veins where termite antennas are straight, appear to have no waist, and though they have 4 wings, are all equal length and appear to be translucent. However, if carpenter ants are present their presence can be nearly as damaging as termites. If you are uncertain, play it safe and contact a professional.

Professional Pest Management

We know there are dozens of other questions that are commonly asked, if you do not see your question, please feel welcome in contacting us at Stewart Termite & Pest Control and we will happily assist you.