Overwintering Pests in Edinboro, PA; Ladybugs Hibernate & Rodents Don’t Like Cold Weather!

The summer is a great time for pests to come out and start to work and reproduce. There are lots of pests that need that warmth to exist but there are some that are seen all year round. Bees and wasps are active in the hot summer months but seem to go dormant in the colder months. Ants can be found all year round while other need the warmth. The pests that are good in the warmth but cannot really handle the cooler temperature need to find somewhere to hide out. Staring in the early fall you will start to see the temperature drop and the pests start to come in. The ones that need a break from the weather are often called overwintering pests. They get in your home and find a warm place to nest and lay their eggs. Overwintering is a term that is used for a pest that needs to find a place to get out of the cold so they can survive the winter.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Overwintering Pests You Need to Watch Out For

Do Ladybugs Hibernate?: Ladybugs are actually a great pest to have around your garden and plants. They eat the bugs that are found on the plants that cause damage. When they start to try and make their way in your home because the air is too cool you should take some action. Ladybugs tend to come in your home for hibernation and their cuteness will wear off very fast. They happen to leave an excretion of yellow wherever they go which can stain your clothes and other belongings. You want to make sure you do what you can to seal any openings that the pest might take to get in your home. Don’t forget to check windows, doors and other gaps.
Rats & Mice Don’t Like Cold Weather!: Another pest that is a problem when the cooler temperatures start are rodents. Mice and rats don’t want to hang out on the cold and need to find somewhere they can stay. Your residence makes a great home for a rodent because they can get what they need on a daily basis. They have access to not only a warm nesting area but food and water as well. They are bad to have in your home for many reasons. One reason is they tend to cause damage to your home while collecting items for their nest. They chew through wires, insulation and more. This damage can be a hazard to you and your family. They also carry bacteria and disease that is bad for you and can make you sick. They also are noisy at night and can make it hard to sleep while they are scurrying around. You need to have your home inspected for rodents and treatment done to get rid of them.

Pest Management Services

If you are concerned about overwintering pests be sure to contact a professional pest management company. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services to combat overwintering pests. We can come out and offer treatments that work for whatever pests you are concerned about. Contact us today!