Nocturnal Insects in Youngstown, PA; Bugs that Are Active & Come Out at Night in Youngstown, PA

Some of the pests that are a problem for people are the ones that you can see and are hanging around you. No one wants to have a bee flying by them or a fly landing on their lunch. The pests that you can see are a problem and should be dealt with by a pest control company but the ones you can’t see are a bigger concern. They are the ones that are hiding in the day when you are up and about. They wait for you to turn out the lights and quieten down the house. Then they come out and do what they want such as get in your food, walk along your surfaces and even find items for nesting. When you don’t notice a pest over time the infestation can get worse until it is a serious problem. This is why year round pest control is so important. Not only will we continuously treat your home for pests but they will also inspect for potential problems. What types of pests might be invading your home at night while you are sleeping.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Nocturnal Pests that Come Out & Invade Your Home at Night

Bed Bugs: When it comes to pests that are synonymous with night time, one at the top of the list is the bed bug. They are a pest that are very sneaky and can stay well-hidden all day long. When they finally do come out they are still small enough that they can easily be missed. They hide in the cracks and crevices of your mattress, blankets and other pieces of furniture that is covered in some sort of textile. Bed bugs wait for you to fall asleep and when you do they come out to feed. They need a blood meal which means they attach to the exposed skin of your body and when they have had their fill they head back to their hiding. The first sign of bed bugs is actually the bites that a person wakes up to find.
Cockroaches: Another pest that you don’t generally see out and about in the daytime are cockroaches. They are found in many areas that include, grass, gardens, trash bins and of course in your home. When the sun is out they are hiding under surfaces such as appliances and rocks as they wait for the night to fall. The night time is when they become active and start to forage for food and items they want to nest with. They are usually spotted as you flip in a light to grab a snack in your kitchen. Be sure that you have your home treated for these pesky critters as they are known to spread disease and of course bacteria that can make your family sick.

Year Round Pest Management

Other nocturnal insects include beetles and moths. If you are concerned about pests that might be coming out at night it is best to have a pest inspection. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers services to inspect and treat for unwanted pests. One of our pest inspectors can come out and locate potential areas of concern and look for signs of an infestation. Contact us today.