Myths & Facts About Bees in New Castle, PA; Do All Bee Species Make Honey & More?

As we go throughout our days we hear and see so much information on all sorts of random topics. Sometimes we hear or read something so many times that we believe it is true even though we did not spend any time researching it. While this is not always problematic it does sometimes lead to us believing things that are simply not true. Here at Stewart Termite & Pest Control we have heard all sorts of “facts” from our customers that are actually not true. Today we want to bust some myths that you might currently believe about bees.

Not All Bees Sting

The first myth we want to bust for you is that all bees sting. This is definitely not a true statement! Not all bees sting. In fact male bees cannot sting at all. Only females have stingers. Even though all females have a stinger they are not always able to sting. Some species of female bees are not able to sting. The other good thing to know about bee stings is that most of the time bees will not sting you unless they are provoked or feel you are threatening their nest.

Are Deadly Bee Stings Common?

While we are on the subject of bee stings let’s knock out our second myth. Frequently people believe that deadly bee stings are extremely common. Statistics actually show that less than 1% of children and 3% of adults are actually prone to die from a bee sting. These deaths only happen when they have an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Can Bees Sting Repeatedly?

Our third myth also deals with bee stings. Lots of people believe that bees can sting their victims repeatedly. This is also a myth. Once a bee stings you the bee dies afterwards. So the only way to get stung repeatedly by a bee is if you get stung by multiple bees.

Do All Bees Make Honey?

In addition to bee stings most people connect bees with honey. Although most people believe that all bees make honey less than 4% of all bees actually make honey. There are hundreds of different species of bees. The honey bee species is that most well-known bee that makes honey. The honey bee also makes beeswax.

Are All Bees Hard Working?

Most people believe all bees are hard workers. When bees are talked about it is almost always mentioned what hard workers they are. There are some workers that work hard each day to pollinate flowers but there is also an entire group of bees that actually do not work hard. Honey bees, bumble bees, and stingless bee worker bees are extremely hard workers though.

Do All Bees Live in Hives?

The last myth that we are going to address today is where bees live. When you think about bees you probably picture a beehive. In reality only 10% of bees are social and live in hives. Most bees actually prefer to live in an individual nest in the soil or in tree trunks.

Bee Relocation & Wasp Removal

Hopefully Stewart Termite & Pest Control has helped you dispel some of the myths you believe about bees. No matter what you believed about bees before today though you probably know you do not want them living on your property. If you have bees on your property give us a call. We can come out and help you safely remove the bees from your property.