Little Black Bugs Crawling on My Cat or Dog in Erie, PA? How to Prevent & Remove Insects & Pests Attracted to Pets

Our pets are extensions of the family. They are there through it all, offering support, love, and loyalty. Keeping our little fur babies safe from danger is as equally as important to us as keeping our family members safe. With knowledge comes power, and knowing what type of pests can be attracted to your pets can minimize the threat of pests inflicting harm on them as well as the humans living in the home. Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to briefly expound on the various pests that are attracted to your pets in Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Small Black Bugs & Other Pests Attracted to Furry Cat & Dog Pets

1) Pests Attracted to Pet Food. There are many pests under the sun that are attracted to your home because of the pet food offerings that are conveniently available. Ants, cockroaches, rodents, and birds will come in droves to find edible delights. Those pests won’t likely seriously hurt your pet, but they can endanger them and your family by inflicting painful bites and contaminating the food supply with germs, bacteria, and diseases. Keeping your pet’s food stored and tightly secured as well as minimizing the time bowls are left out can significantly reduce pest populations that are attracted to your pets food.
2) Fleas. No matter where you are in Greater Pittsburgh, cats and dogs especially are susceptible to fleas. Fleas look for warm-blooded hosts and will attach themselves to your furry pet or even people in the vicinity and can transmit tape worms, diseases, and ailments as well as make your pets endure uncomfortable and excessive itching. If fleas are introduced into your home, within 21 days you can be facing an infestation of over 1,000 members, all looking for a host to feed on.
3) Ticks. Ticks, similarly to fleas are attracted to warm-blooded animals, including people, to attach on and feed. Devouring blood is their priority and these little climbers can make their way onto you and your pets. As they wait to pounce, they inhabit shady areas and will infest lawns and homes. Ticks have the potential to transmit deadly diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and other such diseases and ailments derived from a single bite.
3) Bed Bugs. Bed bugs have a tendency to prefer human blood, but will settle for dogs, cats, and other warm-blooded hosts if no humans are readily available. Though they do not cause any known illnesses, their itchy bites and potential allergic reactions can be a challenge to difficult. Like most insects, bed bugs multiply quickly and quickly overrun your home.

Professional Pest Management

You can prevent a lot of the infliction caused by pests that are attracted to your pets by taken preventative measure with flea and tick collars and other such steps. If your beloved pet has unknowingly invited pests into your home, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control and let our experts get rid of the infestation and offer maintenance to hinder their advancements. Call Stewart Termite & Pest Control today to get started.