Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Youngstown, PA Home When Overnight Guests & Friends Are Visiting

The time that people start their travels plans is here. The fall and winter months are the time of year that people will travel to friends and family member’s homes to spend the holidays together. When they come in the house they could be bringing in unwanted pests with them. One pest that is a huge concern among travelers is bed bugs. They are a pest that is hard to get rid of and takes a specialized treatment to take care of the problem. When you have bed bugs the signs are often when you wake up with bite marks all over your exposed skin. Once they are brought in the home you need to start the inspection and treatment right away. One common way that you get access to bed bugs is when someone that is infested with them comes in your home. When you have guests arriving in your home it is important to protect yourself.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Lists Steps to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs When Friends Are Visiting

Ask Visitors About Bed Bugs: When you have a guest coming whether it is a family member or a friend there are lots of questions that come up when you are making plans. You ask them about when they are arriving and how long they plan to stay. The length of time they are staying is an important part of the plans so they can make sleeping arrangements. Another question that will come up is how many people are coming as well. This makes a huge part of the arrangements and you don’t have any trouble asking about it. A question that you should add to your planning is if the person that plans on coming has bed bugs. It is not a very comfortable one to ask but it can save you from having a serious problem. If they had bed bugs you should feel comfortable that the work to treat them has been done.
Quarantine Luggage that May Have Bed Bugs: When you go out of town for any reason you take your baggage and get on your flight. If you have a layover in a different city you might even stay in a hotel for a night or two. The problem is that these are two of the most common areas to come in contact with bed bugs. Areas that people are close together and their belongings are stacked are a perfect storm for bed bugs to make their way to your home. When your guests arrive at your house it is best to have them leave their belongings outside the house or place them in an air tight bag. This will prevent the potential bed bugs from jumping off their bags and onto your mattress, couch or other fabric. The bag will suffocate the bed bugs and keep them put.

Bed Bug Inspections & Removal

If you are concerned that you have had access to bed bugs from your visiting guests it is best to call a professional that specializes in bed bug treatments. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers thorough bed bug inspections and effective treatment to protect your home from unwanted guests!