How to Keep Pests Out of Your Erie, PA Home; Interior & Exterior Pest Inspection & Early Treatment

Pests can make their way into your home, and before you even realize it, you have an infestation on your hands. The general insects and pests that come into your home are looking for favorable conditions and a convenient food and water source. Once they indulge in the optimal living conditions of your home, evicting them can be tough. Considering that, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control would like to remind you on how you can keep the pests out of your home during the months where their activities are in full swing.

What Does an Interior Pest Inspection Consist Of?

Complete an in depth inspection of your home from the inside; particularly around your doors and windows. Should you find anywhere that allows light to pass through or you feel a draft weather stripping replacement around the doors and windows, sealants or caulk on the windows here it wherever it is appropriate should be applied.
– Look for any potential leaks and get them repaired. Eliminating a water source or humid conditions can keep the pests from squatting if they find their way in.
– Clear out the pantry and cupboards and clean any spills and crumbs. Store any food that is packaged in paper, thin plastics and cardboard into more durable, sealable containers.
– Remove any clutter that is collecting dust. Pests that move in use the clutter for food and nesting materials and providing them with security will keep them inside.
– Trash cans need to be cleaned out periodically and when not being used, ensure their lids are rightly secure.

Effective Exterior Pest Control Inspection

The exterior of the structure and foundation need to be inspected and checked for cracks, holes, and fissures. Look for any leaks and other damage; repair any finds with efficiency to ensure the pests can’t get in.
– Ensure screens for windows and doors are fully intact, cleaned and up to par and in full operation.
– Garbage lids are securely fastened, and periodically clean the trash cans inside and out.
– Landscape needs to be well maintained. Trees need to be pruned, bushes hedges, and grass trimmed away from the home to lessen the chances of wonder lust.
– Repair leaks and keep pools covered when not in use, and treat ornamental ponds.
– Avoid leaving pet food available 24/7 as this could invite hungry pests looking for convenient food source as well as standing water for too long, as it can attract unwanted guests. If pet food is kept outside, be sure to keep storage fully secure.
– Remove the clutter. Firewood and other building material you intend to keep around should be neatly organized and stacked away from the house whenever possible.

Professional Routine Pest Control

Professional pest control not only helps remove infestations, but it also hinders pests from getting through the barrier and infesting your home. If you are looking for a reputable pest control company, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control today and let our experts get your home protected!