How to Identify & Get Rid of Pantry Bugs & Other Kitchen Pests in Youngstown, PA

Throughout the year most homeowners know that there are going to be pests. In the summer months when the weather is hot you will see more stinging pests like wasps and bees and pests that love the heat and moisture like cockroaches and crickets. In the colder months it often switches to a different type of pest that is looking for a place to nest and live such as rodents like mice and rats. Although there are some changes that will occur with the types of pests that you see depending on the season there are some that can be a problem all year long. When it comes to the pests that happen to invade your kitchen and pantry they don’t care about the weather outside. They have an agenda and will make it work as long as they have access to what they need. You want to make sure that you know what you can do to keep pantry and kitchen pests out of your house.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Offers Tips for How to Keep Pests Out of Your Pantry & Kitchen

Food Bugs in the Kitchen: When it comes to your food you want to be able to use what you purchase without any fear that there are bugs or pests in it. The problem is that there are particular pests that will get in your food and start to live and grow. The foods that are most often affected when you have pantry pests are flour, sugar, cereal, wheat and open containers. These are all foods that are in a container that often are not secured well. The bag is usually paper and that is easy for many pests to penetrate. You don’t want to go in your pantry and pull out the flour to find pests are wiggling around in it.
Identify Pantry Pests: There are several types of pantry pests that you may be dealing with. One is the presence of weevils as well as other beetles that are quite small. Ants are also on the list of pests that tend to get in and affect the food that is in your kitchen. These are not pests that you need to be frightened of because they are not going to get out and cause any trouble to you as a person. They can infest your foods and make them edible and could end up making you feel sick.
How to Get Rid of Pantry Bugs: There are several ways you can try and keep these unwanted kitchen and pantry pests out of your house. The first is that you want to be sure that you use containers that are able to be sealed. These containers should have a lid and be able to be stored in a dry clean space. You also can use your freezer to house some of the foods that are likely being affected. When the food is in the freezer it is in an environment where pests are not able to inhabit.

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