How to Get Rid of Wasps Around Your Pittsburgh, PA House & What Not to Do! Don’t Knock Down, Hose or Set Fire to Wasps Nests

Nothing is worse than to come out your front door and see that a swarm of wasps has started to nest near your home. When it comes to stinging pests it seems that wasps are among the most common feared. They are easily scared and will sting when they are provoked. The spring and summer months are when you will see these kinds of stinging pests around your home. The warm weather is the perfect climate to reproduce and find the food and water that they need to survive. The change in weather brings out flowers and other plants that will sustain the wasps, bees and hornets. A wasp nest should not be taken lightly and should only removed by a professional.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Outlines Several Wasp Nest Removal Techniques to Never Attempt!

Don’t Knock a Wasp Nest Down: When you come out of your home to find a nest with swarming wasps, your first thought is to knock it down. Some people will grab what they can. That is often times a broom, stick, racket or baseball bat that they use to knock down the nest. The problem lies in what happens next. What you have just done is knock down the home of an aggressive swarm of wasps that now have nowhere to go. Any wasps that were in the nest are going to fly out and join the rest of the group. They may go after the closest perceived threat which is most likely the person holding the bat or stick. You may end up with stings and it’s likely the wasps are going to start their nest over again somewhere nearby.
Never Use a Water Hose to Spray a Wasp Nest: Another option that people want to try and use when destroying a nest is the hose. The nest often times look very fragile and paper like so the hose is a great option. The hose is also a longer aim for the person that is trying to get the nest down but it may not get rid of it. The water can very possibly just anger the wasps and cause them to start swarming around and stinging. Although you are a bit further away they will still head your way.
Don’t Set Fire to a Wasp Nest: This may seem hard to believe but there are some people that think the best way to handle a wasp nest is to burn it. They assume this will not only destroy the nest but it will also kill off the wasps as well. The problem is that obviously fire is dangerous to use around your home and you can quickly lose control of it. You may end up with a huge fire that can damage your home if not taken care of fast. The other problem is that the wasps are fast and the majority of them will escape the nest and roam around your property.

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