How to Get Rid of Infestations of Black Widow Spiders in My Erie, PA House & Yard to Avoid a Spider Bite

One of the most feared spiders is the black widow. Black widow spiders are well known for their venomous bites. These spiders thrive well in urban environments and are commonly found around the home and in the yard. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will share more about the black widow spider and a few tips for controlling these dangerous spiders.

What Does a Female & Male Black Widow Spider Look Like?

Black Widow spiders are well known and are a common mascot for pest control companies. They are solid black with a bright red hourglass marking on their underbelly. The females are much larger than the male spider. A female black widow spider can reach 1½ inches in length while males only reach half the size of the females. Additionally, it is the female that has the large round abdomens. Male black widows also have a narrower abdomen and are not always black in color. Another major difference between the males and females is their venom. It is the female that has the more potent venom and are the ones that homeowners should be concerned about. However, the venom of the black widow spider has been exaggerated. Contrary to popular belief, most people will not die from a black widow bite. It is the elderly and young who will suffer the most from a black widow, as well as those with weaker immune systems. Black widow spiders usually only bite out of defense and are not very aggressive in nature.

Where Do Black Widow Spiders Live in Houses & Yards?

Black Widow spiders often prefer to live outdoors where they can better find prey. Black widow spiders use their webs to capture other insects and even spiders. If black widow spiders are found in the home, it is most often in the corners of windows. Outside, black widow spiders like to hide in small cracks during the day with their webs close by. They will hide under debris, along planters, or in the gaps of block walls.

How to Prevent Black Widow Spider Infestations

To begin taking control of your home and yard from black widow spiders, you will first want to begin cleaning up inside and outside of your home. Black widow spiders love clutter and dark places to hide. You will want to begin eliminating all possible shelters for black widows. You will want to fill the smaller cracks and gaps in block walls, planters and along the home as well. It helps to pressure clean along the home’s foundation, porch and decks to wash away any hidden black widows and other insects. Keep the perimeter of the home as clean as possible. A clean perimeter makes professional treatment more effective.

Spider Control

It is recommended, if you have a major black widow infestation or other pest problem, to seek professional assistance. A pest control service can around your home and property. Along with controlling black widows, your entire home can also be protected from other insects which black widows feed on and attract them in the first place. For quality pest control services contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control and schedule our services today.