How to Get Rid of Hornets in Edinboro, PA; What Does a Hornet or Wasp Nest Look Like?

One of the things that starts to happen in the spring is that the weather changes. With the weather changing there are lots of growing beings that start to flourish. You will see growth in trees, flowers and other plants. You will also start to see pests around that you have not seen over the winter months. The types of pests that most people are concerned about are the ones that fly and can sting you. The stinging pests are bees, wasps and hornets. Although they are in their domain outside of your house they are not always safe to have. They can become defensive and can be agitated and start to sting anyone around including your loved ones and pets. Stings can be painful all the way to quite dangerous if you have an allergic reaction. It is best to know what you should do if you find a hive or nest around your home. One of the most commonly found stinging pests in the area are hornets. You want to have them removed so that you are not at risk of being stung. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what you can do to get rid of hornets around your house.

What Does a Hornet Nest Look Like?

When you are concerned about hornets around your house you need to know what to look for. You want to make sure you know what a nest looks like so that you can identify the location. When it comes to hornets they will start to create a nest in the spring so you are looking for a small nest about the size of a ping pong ball. Over time they will continue to grow to house the entire colony so it will not stay that size. The nest often looks like it is made of paper that has been chewed up.

Where Do Hornets Nest?

You need to make sure that you are looking for and inspecting your home for the presence of nests. You can look around the eaves of your home and around other structures on your property. They can be hiding on the underside of the house edge and other areas. You want to be thorough about checking and be sure that you know they can start out quite small. You also want to check things such as gazebos, car ports, sheds and even trees for nests as well. If you are not able to locate it but you have been seeing hornets flying around you can place a piece of fruit on the ground and watch for them. They will come and take some and go back to the colony giving you the chance to trace their steps back.

Hornet & Wasp Control

If you have found a hornets nest on your property it is best to call out a professional. They can come out and have the protective gear and tools needed to remove the nest and in turn remove the hornets from your home. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your home and inspect for and remove hornet’s nests. Call us today!