How to Bugs Out of & Away from Your BBQ Grill in Youngstown, PA; Mesh Food Covers, Insect Repellent & More

Summer is a season that many people look forward to all year long. The beautiful warm weather gives families the perfect opportunity to participate in a variety of summer activities. If you have plans to host a few barbecues this summer you do not want to skip this article. Everyone knows that one of the most annoying parts of a barbecue can be unwanted bugs. Today Stewart Termite & Pest Control is going to give you some of favorite ways to keep your next barbecue as bug free as possible.

Use Mesh Food Cover Nets to Keep Pests Away

Our first tip is fairly simple and straightforward. In order to keep bugs away from your barbecue you should cover your food as much as possible. Just like you enjoy eating the delicious food at a barbecue, the bugs like to eat it just as much you do. They will do whatever they can to come and eat the food at your festivities. Covering your food will make it so that they cannot eat any of your food. If they cannot eat they will likely not stay at your event.

Sugar Soda Attract Insects

The next tip that we are going to share with you may seem a little odd at first but we encourage you to give it a try. We recommend that you get some cans of soda, mark “do not drink”, open them, and leave them high up around the perimeter of your party. Pests, especially stinging insects love to climb into your soda to get into the sugary drink inside. By giving them some drinks that they can crawl right into, you will help them stay away from the drink that you are and your guests are actually consuming. So, buy some extra off-brand soda and leave it out for the bugs next time you have a barbecue and give it a try.

Insect Repellent

You can keep bugs away from your barbecue by using some insect repellent items. Traditional insect repellent spray is always a good idea. Many hosts leave some bug spray out on a table for any of their guests to use if they want to. You can also have a few citronella candles around the party area. Citronella candles are designed to keep pesky bugs away from the area that the scent from the candle travels to. Studies have shown that citronella candles do indeed provide relief from bugs when you are outside.

Pest Management Services

Having Stewart Termite & Pest Control come out and provide routine pest control service will also help your barbecue stay bug free. Our pest control services are effective at controlling issues with bugs that you have in and around your home. We can help you take care of a large variety of bugs that you may be dealing with. We deal with each pest problem individually to eradicate the adults, offspring and nests more effectively. Our full-service pest control is guaranteed to help you enjoy your next barbecue. Give us a call today and we can come out and help you come up with a plan that will work best for your home.