How to Bug Proof & Winterize Your Home to Prevent Pests in Erie, PA; Seal Entry Points & More

As the weather gets cooler, you may start to let your guard down against pests. However, this is the time of year that pests are trying harder than ever to gain access into your home. There are certain steps that are essential in keeping these pests out of your home. Stewart Termite & Pest Control is here to help you get your home ready for the onslaught of pests that are going to be trying to get in before winter hits.

Clean Up Backyard & Front Yard to Prevent Insects & Pests

The fall months are full of leaf litter and debris falling from the trees. Unfortunately, pests of all shapes and sizes will be looking for these types of debris to hide in. A big part of keeping pests out of your home is cleaning up your yard to avoid providing a place for them to hide in. If your yard is unappealing to pests, you won’t have near as many of them trying to get into your home. Many pests will build nests in yard clutter, and this does include firewood piles. Any firewood or compost piles should be at least 20 ft away from your home to avoid infestation of beetles, spider and ants, among other pests.

Eliminate Pest Access Points

One of the most destructive pests that will likely try to make your house their home as the weather gets cold is mice and rats. They can make their way into your home using even the smallest openings. Mice can get through a hole the size of a dime while rats can get through a quarter sized opening. Give your home, including your foundation, a thorough inspection for any openings that pests may use to make their way into your home. To keep your home safe from other, smaller pests, seal any cracks around your doors and windows to keep them out. Check your weather stripping for wear and consider replacing it if the seal isn’t strong.

Don’t Provide a Food Source

Your home has three things that pests need to survive the winter: food, water and warmth. Keeping your home clean will make your home less appealing to pests. Avoid leaving any food out for any extending periods of time. Many pests will try their hardest to get to even the smallest crumbs. You should store your food properly in sealed containers to avoid infestation.

Trim Trees to Deter Pests

There are many pests that will create problems for you and this often happens on your roof. If you have a chimney, bats, squirrels, birds and raccoons could be building their nests in it. You should give it a thorough inspection, especially before you build your first fire this winter. If there are any branches that are touching your roof from nearby trees, have them trimmed so that pests can’t climb to your roof from the neighboring trees.

Pest Management

If you are having a difficult time keeping the pests away this fall, call on the professionals at Stewart Termite & Pest Control today!