How Hard is it to Get Rid of Bed Bugs & Can They Be Completely Eliminated in Pittsburgh, PA?

There are lots of pests that give people trouble. It can be anything from a cockroach infestation that you let go for too long all the way to mice that are nesting in your walls. Any type of pest that is not dealt with properly and right away can continue to wreak havoc. You want to make sure that if you suspect any pests have invaded your home you call out professional pest control right away. We can do an inspection to look for what pests are in the house and create a treatment to get rid of them. When it comes to pests there is not always one way to deal with them and that is why a professional is important. There is a pest that many people don’t think will be a problem for them but when they do it can be very troublesome. We are talking about bed bugs! The misconception that bed bugs only get in homes that are messy and dirty is not true. They like areas that they can get in with ease and a clean house is just as susceptible. The only requirement is that they need to have access to a host so they can feed. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what makes bed bugs so difficult to get rid of.

Bed Bugs Hide During the Day

One of the problems you have when you are dealing with bed bugs is that they are able to hide. The biggest issue is that bed bugs can go undetected in terms of seeing an actual pest for some time. The first sign you have a problem with bed bugs is that you or your family wake up with bites on your exposed skin. The bites often show up in lines of three or more and usually are when you wake up after sleeping overnight. The pest is able to hide in tiny spaces and will stay there all day long making it quite hard to see. They get in the seams of your bed, under the mattress and can be hiding in your couches and even your clothes. When you go looking for them you may miss them if you do not know what you are looking for. You can see signs in terms of red dots that happens to be blood from after they eat a meal.

Bed Bugs Can Live Without Feeding for Up to a Year

When it comes to bed bugs people assume that they feed each and every night. They actually do not and they can go for up to a year without eating a blood meal. Some people think they can close the door and not use the space for a few weeks and the bed bugs will go away and die. They will not die and can actually hang around for months waiting for a host to get back in the bed.

Bed Bugs Travel

The other issue is that bed bugs travel and they can go from a passenger’s suitcase to yours then straight to your bed. All it takes is a pregnant bed bug to create an infestation in your home. They can then hitch a ride on your clothes to the next person’s house or business that you visit.

Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment

Stewart Termite & Pest Control can come out to your house and treat for any type of pest including bed bugs. If you suspect these blood sucking pests in your home or business, call us to schedule a bed bug inspection and custom treatment plan today!