How Do You Know if You Have Ground Bees & How to Get Rid of an Underground Bee Nest in Youngstown, PA

When most folks think of bees, many think about the adorable yellow fuzz, the gentle humming as they pass from flower to flower, collecting the sweet nectar and performing their pollination duties. Additionally, bees are well known for their production of honey, their stinging abilities of a onetime strike, and their beehives or nests found in aerial locations. But what sometimes put a few people in disbelief is the unorthodox ground bee. Ground bees can be easily found across Pennsylvania, and with that in mind, we at Stewart Termite & Pest Control like to shine the spotlight on this overlooked bee of the land.

What Does a Bees Nest in the Ground Look Like?

Generally, ground bee species have many similarities. They are all approximately the same size, measuring at ½”-1” long. Ground bees are diverse in coloring, some are traditionally the yellow and black, where others range blue, purple, red and green, often bearing a metallic sheen to their body. What draws your attention is often the ant-like mounds found in the soil, their entry hole is just a bit bigger than the average ant hill. During the spring, males are often seen perusing the nesting mounds in the hopes of finding a potential mate. From March – May, ground bees are actively mating.

Are Ground Bees Solitary?

Ground bees are solitary, except during mating season, the females keep to their selves, though they can frequently be living in close proximity to one another. There is no social hierarchy, no queen, worker bees, or soldiers, just the female constructing her nest in the ground. After mating she will take care of her young until they reach adulthood and continue their circle of life. The female bees emerge to gather pollen and nectar for herself and her young, but the males are on their own. Being beneficial to pollinating plants, farmers will often raise them to aid them with their crops.

Do Ground Bees Have Stingers?

Sweat bees, included in the ground bee classification, instinctually feast on the salty rich soils. They are even brazen enough to perch on nearby humans to indulge in the sweaty deliciousness. No need to fret however, these bees will only feel so inclined to sting you in the event your swatting technique is lacking and they revengefully sting you. As with many bees, the ground bees are not generally aggressive, except the males during mating season. Thank goodness, though they can be aggressive, males are not equipped with stingers, but the females are. More docile and preferring flight over fight, they will only sting if they feel threatened with no ways of escape.

Stinging Insect Control

Though beneficial, not everyone shows a welcoming appreciation, and would prefer bees, aerial or ground be removed from the property. That is where Stewart Termite & Pest Control comes to the rescue. Our talented and experienced technicians have all the necessary attributes to remove ground bees or other stinging insects from your home. Call us today to schedule your appointment! We look forward to servicing you with our superior methods and tactics, to give your premium results.