How Do Professionals Visually Inspect for Bed Bugs in New Castle, PA? Signs to Look For & More

Stewart Termite & Pest Control carries all credentials, licensing, certifications, and insurance to uphold our high moral standards, friendly customer service, and superior bed bug control services for commercial businesses and residential homes in Greater Pittsburgh, PA. We take advantage of modern methods and exclusive professional graded products and equipment to perform our bed bug menu tasks to perfection. Among the many bed bug control services we deliver to our commercial residential customers is visual bed bug inspection services. With Stewart Termite & Pest Control performing this service in your home or business, you can be rest assured that the bed bugs will be located and dealt with accordingly, leaving you 100% satisfaction. We0 perform their visual inspections with methodical and meticulous techniques can easily discover the places bed bugs are hiding.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Determining whether your home or business is infested is fairly conclusive. Finding blood spots on your sheets, along with rusty colored specs (their fecal matter), bite marks in alignment, a musky odor, and remnants from when they shed their old skin during developmental advancement. But finding where these little clever blood thieves are hiding isn’t so easy. Bed bugs are nocturnal; they carefully ascend from the shadows to feast on your blood while you slumber. After they are satisfied with their meal, they return to the most optimal hiding spot where they feel protected and secure.

Where Do Bed Bugs Like to Hide?

The dilemma in that is, bed bugs are extremely tiny, oval, flat and brown, roughly the size of an apple seed. With the dull brown coloring they easily camouflage into their surroundings. In smaller numbers, they stick to the bed area; head board, frame, mattress, box spring, and bedding. As their numbers grow they begin to spread out, expanding behind baseboards, picture frames, furniture, outlets, switches, and anywhere they feel the security. If left unattended, bed bugs will continue to prosper and spill into other rooms, and in apartments and lodging establishments, they can quickly consume the building, lurking nearly anywhere. Thankfully, the experienced visual inspectors at Brooklyn Bed Bug Exterminator are passionate about hunting down these bloodsuckers in order to rescue out valued customers from their torment.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Commercial businesses and residential homes have an affordable and reliable source for bed bug control. Stewart Termite & Pest Control is diligent and eager to help business owners and homeowners find relief from the bed bugs plaguing their home or business. Our visual inspectors have been rigorously trained, have years of experience, and have come to be very familiar with the bed bugs habits and daily life routines to know the common places to search, while still investigating the unique locations. Looking over every nook and cranny to ensure the bed bugs are completely exterminated from your home or business is our priority. If you suspect bed bugs infesting you’re your residential home or commercial business within the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area, contact Stewart Termite & Pest Control for a guaranteed thorough investigation!