How Do Insects, Rodents & Other Pests Use Pheromones to Communicate in New Castle, PA?

When you are dealing with pests you may wonder why they keep coming back. You may also wonder why there are always so many of them and how they know where to hang out. Part of the reason a pest may choose your house is due to the easy access to food and water but more importantly shelter. They want to find a place that allows them to hide and stay away from potential predators. One way that pests will communicate with other pests is with the use of pheromones. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what pest pheromones are and how pests use them to communicate.

What is an Insect Pheromone?

A pheromone is a semiochemical that some insects, pests and animals will use as a way to communicate with other members of the species. The pheromone is unique to each species of pest that uses it and can only be recognized by other members. The pheromone is released from one kind but can mean many different things when picked up by another. It is a great way for pests and animals to leave messages for any other pest or animal coming behind them.

What Insects & Animals Use Pheromones?

There are many animals and pests that use some type of pheromone to communicate with others in the same species. Some of the pests that commonly use them are cockroaches, ants, bees and even rodents. They each have a scent or pheromone that they will leave behind to signal another as a warning or even as an invitation. This is a great way for them to communicate and is not seen by people or any other pests either.

How Do Insects Detect Pheromones?

Pests like mice and cockroaches will use a pheromone that they produce naturally to communicate. There are many instances that a pest may need to leave a message but cannot stay around waiting for someone to pass on by. They may leave a pheromone to alert others that they are ready to reproduce and are on the hunt for a mate. They need to mate to continue their colony or families. Another reason to use pheromones is to warn others about a potential danger. The danger can be from another type of pest or can be from an element that can be a danger they should stay away from. Another reason that a pest would use their pheromone is to mark their territory. Some pests want to have their own area and warn a potential intruders comes to take over. The pheromones are a great way for them to communicate and can stay in place for several days.

Can Pest Pheromone Chemicals Be a Method of Pest Control?

There are some studies that have shown that pheromones from pests have helped to trap or even deter pests from a particular area. Pheromones are specific to a particular species so using it as a pest control option may be extensive and quite hard to accomplish.

Pest Management

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