How Do I Get Rid of Bees Around My Meadville, PA House & Prevent Them from Coming Back

When it comes to pests most people only see the bad in them. There are actually pests that are a benefit to us a human race. Termites are good for decomposition in the forest setting. They are able to eat down trees that have died and are in the way of new growth. There are ladybugs that will eat small aphids that are damaging to people that are trying to grow a garden. When it comes to bees the need for their existence is becoming more and more well known. They are what is needed to pollinate the plants that we depend on for food. Farmers and gardeners all depend on them to do their job. The other benefit that they bring to us is they produce a sweetener that is natural in the form of honey. It is used for food preparation and medicinal uses as well. Even though they are a pest that is necessary for us they can still be a nuisance. You want to make sure that you use a professional service that will relocate them instead of extinguishing them. If they are too close to your home or property they can be a hazard so doing what you can to keep them away is best.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Offers Tips for How to Keep Bees Away from Your House

Seal Outdoor Trashcans: During the warmer seasons bees are the most active. They are out and about looking for pollen to collect and flowers that need to be pollinated. Flowers are their first line but if they are not able to find the flowers that they want they will go for secondary options. One happens to be trash. Your trashcan is full of things that are sugary and perfect for them to get what they need. You want to make sure you cover your trashcans and always use bags to seal your trash. This way the food that might attract a colony of bees are not as enticing. You also should use caution when you are around other trash bins whether at a friend’s house or a park. The bees can be hiding in the can or even under the lid and if you startle them they could sting.
Pest Home Sealing: Another way that bees start to become a problem for homeowners is when they get into your dwelling. They are able to start their hive inside a wall, behind your siding and down a chimney. All it takes is a space large enough for a single bee to get in. They will start to get in the wall or open space and that can lead to damage to your home. You want to make sure that you use time to search for small gaps and cracks in the homes exterior. This will seal off the entry point that a bee would otherwise use.
Remove Standing Water: The other important factor in a bees life is having access to water. They can be found often times setting their hive near some type of water. You don’t have to have a pool to be attracting bees to your home. A leaking hose or birdbath can be just enough to attract them. Be cautious about any standing water that you have around your home and if you are concerned about bees remove the water all together.

Bee Control & Removal

Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services if you are worried about bees or other pests in and around your home.