How Do I Get Rid of Ant Infestations on My Kitchen Counter & Sink in Youngstown, PA & Keep Ants Away?

There are a few places in your home that seem to be natural gathering places for your family. For many families your kitchen is one of these places. As your family members come to the kitchen to get food they will stop and visit with anyone else that is in the kitchen. Nothing ruins your kitchen being a gathering place quite like an ant infestation. If you have had an ant infestation in your home you know how true this statement is. Today Stewart Termite & Pest Control has tips for you on how to prevent ants from infesting your kitchen.

Clean Kitchen Pantry to Remove Ant Food Supply

First you want to go into your pantry and take a nice hard look at. Your pantry contains a plethora of possible food options for ants. Cutting off their food supply is the best way for you to prevent ants from coming into your kitchen. Make sure that all of your food items are sealed properly. We recommend storing items that typically have an open lid on them in plastic containers with lids. Examples of these items are cereal and crackers. When you have cereal or crackers in a box with an open lid it is very simple for ants to get in and find a source of food.

Keep Ants Away from Garbage Can

Another frequent source of food for ants is your garbage. We throw away all sorts of sources of food for ants to feed on. If ants can get into your garbage they will have a consistent supply of food that they do not have to work hard for. Your best bet is to have a garbage in your kitchen that has a lid on it.

Clean Kitchen Counter & Sink to Prevent Ants

If ants cannot find an easy source of open food they will start looking for items on your countertops and in your cabinets that they can eat. This will not be as fruitful for them as the sources mentioned above but it is still enough for them to live off. It is extremely important that you keep your sink and countertops clean. A sink full of dishes may not have enough food to feed any of your family members but ants can survive on those bits of food stuck onto your dishes for longer than you can imagine. If your countertops have sticky stains on them that do not get cleaned up quickly you may end up with ants coming to feed off of these stains.

Ant Control

Even if you do your best to keep ants out of your kitchen you may end up with an ant infestation at some point. Getting rid of ants successfully is a large task even for the most determined of homeowners. Most people do not have luck getting rid of ants on their own. If you end up with ants in your home call Stewart Termite & Pest Control right away. We want you and your family to have their gathering place back as quickly as possible. We will help you get rid of ants and other pests as fast as we can.