Do Termite Swarmers Mean You have an Infestation of Termites in Your Meadville, PA House?

Are you seeing little bugs that are flying around your house? Not sure what they are? We really hope they aren’t termites, but how can you be sure? One of the worst things to have in your yard or home is termites. not only do they eat the wood, but they have swarmers that will go find new places to start a new section of wood. This makes more places you will find termites. Stewart Termite & Pest Control explores termite swarmers and what they can mean for your property.

What are Flying Termite Swarmers?

Swarmer termites are winged adult termites. These swarmers are the reproductive termites. They are the only termites that have wings. All types of termites have swarmers. They will come out in the spring and leave the colony to expand to other colonies. These termite swarmers often get mistaken for flying ants. Their wings are pale and large. The swarmer termites do not eat wood the only purpose is to mate and get new colonies established.

What Do You Do if You Find a Termite Swarmer?

If you see swarmer termites, you already have an infestation somewhere nearby. It can be either inside your home or you have significant termite activity very close by. They could be in nearby trees or other wooden structures, or they could even be on your neighbor’s property. Swarmers aren’t very good flyers; they will only fly about 300 feet. But that is still far enough to start a new set of termites eating at the wood. If you find swarmers inside your home then you know that you have other termites somewhere in the walls of your home.

Do Swarming Termites Outside Mean Infestation?

If you see swarmers, you already know you have termites, so you need to find the place where they are at. Inspect where they might be entering and mark the area with tape. This is so you know where they are coming out of. You should also take photos of the area you think the termites are entering and exiting to show a professional when they come to get rid of the termites. The final thing you should do is call a professional like Stewart Termite & Pest Control to come and eliminate all the termites. This will prevent any further damage to the wood structures affected in your home.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

When you call a professional to come and get rid of the termites you want to know what they are going to come to your home and do. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will perform a thorough termite inspection and recommend a custom treatment plan if an infestation is found. Then hopefully you won’t have a termite problem anymore. If you are suspecting that there are termites in your home then following these few guidelines can help you figure out the best steps to take to eliminate them. Finding swarmers is a great indication that you have termites somewhere close by. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will come to your home and help you get rid of those horrible pests. Call us today!