Do Earwigs Bite? Are these Insects Dangerous? How to Get Rid of Occasional Pest Invaders in New Castle, PA

There is a tiny slithering pest that you might see crawling out of the garden or around your bathroom. This nasty little critter is called an earwig. They are a pest that you won’t see in the hundreds like ants but they are an occasional pest that usually is found in small groups or all alone. The earwig is one that people are afraid of due to the name and what it entails. The myth is that an earwig is a pest that will crawl into your ear as you sleep and take up residence in your brain. That is just not the truth and in fact is a myth. The earwig is not prone to getting in your ear more than any other. They will more than likely be looking for a dark moist place to live and there are easier options than trying to get in a person’s ear. Although they won’t be found invading your ear you still need to know more about then so that you can help to prevent them. Stewart Termite & Pest Control outlines what an earwig is and whether you should be bothered by them!

What is an Earwig

If you are concerned that you have earwigs on your home you can tell with some main characteristics. They are a flat bodied pest that is long and slim. They crawl very close to the ground and have a set of pincers. Both males and females have pincers but they look a little different from one another. These pincers are found at the top of the body and extend forward above the head. They are most often black in color by can have some browns and reds in their coloring as well. They are a distinguishable pest when you see one walk by because of their unique look.

Where are Earwigs Found in Your House

If you are worried about earwigs being in and around your home you should know what to look for. They don’t live and survive just anywhere. They need specific things to keep them alive and one main one is moisture. They need some form of moisture which can be in the form of a wet towel or leaky faucet. This is the first sign of where you can find them hanging out. The earwigs are often in bathrooms and kitchen where they might find wet clothes, towels or water on the floor. Another area that is to be concerned is around your plants. Obviously real plants that you are watering is a perfect place for them to hide. They also are found in gardens where water is plentiful.

Can Earwigs Hurt You? Are They Dangerous?

Having pests around your home is not a good thing and it is always best to get rid of them. With that being said earwigs don’t pose any specific threat to you or your family. They don’t carry any disease or spread bacteria around your house so that is not a concern. The pincers may look menacing but they aren’t a problem because they are small enough that they can’t make much or a mark if any at all.

Occasional Invader Pest Management

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