Commercial Pest Management in Erie, PA; How Can Professional Pest Control, Tenants & Employees Help?

For all of those managers, regardless how large or how many properties you might take care of, pest control is a major part of your care. It’s obvious that pests can cause problems for any commercial building and property. This is why it is critical to have a well rounded pest management program. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends every property manager to have an implemented pest management program as they approach their pest control with safety and effectiveness. Stewart Termite & Pest Control will explain how we can work with any commercial manager in developing the prefect pest control program.

Implementing a Pest Management Program

When it comes time to take the initiative of a pest control program, it is best for all businesses to keep in mind that local and your environmental factors will play a part in creating a fully developed pest control program. It may also take time to discover each building’s pest problem. This might be a little expensive at first, but once it is a established, it will be a matter of regular visits from your pest control company to keep up on the program. Here are some of the factors you need to consider for a successful pest control program and management.

What to Look for in a Pest Control Company?

When you’re looking for the right company to help you with your pest control needs start by looking for a reputable company. You will want a well trained crew that is able to determine your environmental pest problem and properly develop a pest control program suited to you. Also a good company will have documentation of all the pests your buildings are, and will be threatened by, and break down the treatment for all your pest needs.

How Can Tenants & Employees Assist with Pest Control?

Another part of a manager’s pest control program will need to come from the tenants and employees. It’s not their job to work with a pest control company, that is the building manager’s place. However they can contribute to the cause. Meaning help reduce the pest population, start by asking them to properly dispose of trash and waste and even keeping all the trash inside the dumpster or other trash disposal areas. Keep cafeterias, lunch rooms and other eating areas free of discarded food and keep it cleaned. Most importantly, advise the manager of any pests that has begun infecting the area. Additional help in keeping an eye out for pests will insure the manager to say on top of things.

How Can Landscapers Assist Pests Being Controlled?

Don’t just stop on working with tenants and employees. Seek assistance from your landscaper as well. Landscapers don’t just play a vital role in keeping the outside vegetation looking good and maintained, but they’re also important in keeping pests at bay. Overgrown vegetation and leaky water pipes cause pests to gather in those areas. Keeping it groomed and the watering system in good condition will greatly help in reducing the pest population.

Commercial Pest Management

Don’t hesitate when a pest problem creeps up. Deal with the problems as they occur. The longer a pest goes unchecked, the harder and more expensive it is to deal with. Also keep records of your pest control company’s actions—what was done each time they come. Then keep your own records of how effective their services have been and if adjustments need to be made. Even the cleanest commercial building will get pests. This is why it is important to keep up on a good pest control program. It is good for business as well as the health of your customers and tenants. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can help with your commercial building or buildings. We can identify and create the proper pest control program you need. Contact us today to schedule a time to come out and begin your building’s pest control needs.