Commercial Pest Control for Your Edinboro, PA Restaurant or Food Service Business

If you run a business you know that keeping up with the maintenance is extremely important. You need to be sure that you have repairs made as well as upkeep on the property. It is an important part of letting your patrons know that you care and keeping their business. Another aspect of keeping a business in good order is to have pest control services. You never want to allow pests to roam around your business but especially if you are running a food or drink business. The people that are visiting a place to eat or get a drink want to feel confident that the place is clean and free from pests. Nothing is worse than getting your dinner served to you and seeing a mouse or cockroach run across the floor. That is why as a good restaurant or bar owner and operator you use pest control services to keep them away. There are some extremely important reasons for this type of service.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Explains Why You Need Commercial Pest Control Service for Your Bar or Restaurant

Restaurant Health Inspection Scores: If you have a business that handles and serves food to the public you have to have an inspection with the health department. The inspector will come in the business and search for violations that are happening. Some of the things that they will look for is of course cleanliness as well as how the food is being prepared. They also will be looking at the building in general for violations in the way that it has been set up. Lastly and really a very important aspect of what they are looking for is the presence of pests. They don’t want to see any pests at all whether they are alive or dead inside the area that food is being prepared. They also don’t want to see any signs that pests have been there such as tampered with food or fecal matter left behind. These will all get you a low rating with the health department and potentially shut you down.
Pest Control Helps Keep Customers: Another problem you are sure to have when you allow pests in your bar or restaurant is you won’t be able to keep your customers. It is so much easier for a single bad experience from a customer to reach the masses. You can have a video of a pest at your restaurant go viral in a matter of hours. That is why you need to make sure you are keeping up with pest services. If you don’t you can end up doing all you can to correct a bad reputation based on a customer seeing a pest in your business.
Save Your Revenue with Professional Pest Control: There are several ways that you may find that your cash flow slows when you allow pests to get in and invade your bar or restaurant. One is that they literally will eat the profit by getting into your food supply. The other is that many pests will actually cause damage to the building that you will need to have repaired. Lastly just the presence of them will keep customers away meaning you are feeling less people and your income will go down.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Stewart Termite & Pest Control has services to help control pests that might be invading your restaurant or bar. Call us today for a customized pest control plan to best meet your needs.