Bed Bug Facts & Myths in Erie, PA; How Do You Know You Have These Bloodsuckers?

There is a pest that lives up to the name pest and can be a real problem for a family. The bed bug is a huge issue and affects people all the time. There are many people that think bed bugs cannot infest their home because they keep a clean house but that is not true. A study was done that actually showed that bed bugs will prefer a cleaner and neater environment to live and hide. You may increase your chances of coming across bed bugs and not even know it. They are found in homes all over the country but that is not it. When asked most people actually came into contact with bed bugs while out traveling. There are found in hotels and motels and if you stay in a room that is infested you are likely to bring them home. Another area that people tend to come in contact with bed bugs is on a flight. Sitting in close proximity with someone that has them or having your luggage among the others can lead to an infestation. That is why it is important to understand bed bugs and not be fooled by things you might hear.

Stewart Termite & Pest Control Debunks Some Myths About Bed Bugs

Can You See Bed Bugs with the Human Eye?: There is lots of information out there in the world that contradict each other about the size of a bed bug. There are some that claim they are the size of an apple seed while others claim they are too small to see. Bed bugs are a small pest that is hard to see but not because they are invisible to the naked eye. It is more because they are great at hiding. You won’t see a bed bug just hanging out in the middle of your pillow. In fact they tend to hide all day long and wait for someone to fall asleep. The hiding is the reason they are hard to see but if you know where to look you can surely find them. Check along the edge of the bed near the seams even pulling the seam down to check close to the bedding. This is the most common spot for them to be piled up sleeping the day away. If you have any suspicion of bed bugs it is best to have a professional out to inspect the home and get a treatment started right away.
If I Throw Out My Mattress, Will I Be Rid of Bed Bugs?: There is also a misconception about bed bugs that says they only live on mattresses so if you have them, just toss the mattress. This is totally unnecessary because bed bugs are likely hiding in other places of your home and will just infest the new mattress as well. Bed bugs are a tough pest to get rid of and that is because they will actually attach to just about any fabric. They can be on your couch, blankets, pillows or even clothes. They have legs that are equipped to hang onto fabric well which is one reason they are hard to remove.

Bed Bug Inspections & Treatment

Bed bugs are definitely not a do it yourself project. All you will accomplish is giving the bed bugs time to multiply and their infestation numbers increase. Stewart Termite & Pest Control offers expert pest control services including those to inspect and eliminate bed bugs in your residence. Contact us to schedule an inspection today!