Are Subterranean Termites a Problem in the Fall & Winter Months in Erie, PA? Termite Prevention Tips

Dealing with pests is one of the largest annoyances that a homeowner has. They are sneaky and they can get in your house through the tiniest of gaps and holes. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches and more hide in the day making them quite hard to find. Others have no fear like ants that will walk around your counter while you are standing there looking at them. Whatever type of pest you are dealing with when you notice a problem you can call a pest control company out and have them treated. One pest that happens to be behind the majority of damage to homes is harder than them all to find. We are talking about termites and they are a pest that lives outside and under the ground in most cases. When they are feeding you still can’t see them because they are eating raw and unfinished wood which happens to be in your walls.

Subterranean Termites

When it comes to termites one of the most common are called a subterranean termite. They are found in many different species that each have their own distinguishing characteristics. Overall the subterranean termite live in colonies and the size of them varies. Some of the colonies can be a few hundred while others can get as large as 250,000! They each have their own job to help the colony and the two main types are either a worker or a soldier. They have their own look but their main job is to work on building the mud tubes that the colony will use to travel. They want to stay out of the sun and the light so they hide under these small tubes that are made from the ground. The other termite is called the soldier and they have a very important role. They need to protect the rest of the colony from any potential dangers that await. All of the termites will eat and chew through the wood that they are working on. This can be anything from a downed dead tree or the studs and walls in your home. The problem is that the colony will work all day and night and even in the cold months your home is warm enough to keep the working all year round. They can cause a major amount of damage to your home before you even sense there is a problem.

How To Prevent Termites

If you are concerned about termites you need to do your part to keep them away. Start with sealing any wood around your home so that it is covered and less of a draw for the termite colony. Also remove any wood from around the house including wood for fires.

Termite Inspections & Control

If you have any signs that termites are in your home whether from the actual pest or their droppings, call a professional pest control company right away. Stewart Termite & Pest Control can handle all your pest control needs.